Diesel an American Pit Bull Terrier German Wirehaired Pointer Mix

From Ashley:This dog is the best dog I’ve had. When he was a puppy about 4 months old he did not have to be on a leash when taken out, and he also picked up alot of training in that stage like sit, no,come, the normal stuff. Now at about a year and a half years old he loves coming fishing in the boat and just sleeps and relaxes ocassionaly being hyper and swimming . Listens and is very loyal to the owner (me) . Very goofy and lazy around the house.he loves playing and cuddling. He loves other people and animals well known. Strangers to him (dog wise) he will bark and get very territorial on occasion. Got him as a pupp from a Co worker because she had puppies from her two dogs. Couldn’t be more happier with any other dog. He’s amaxing with people and loves my 4 cats and my other pitbull . Great with the family and little kids !

American Pit Bull Terrier Rat Terrier Mix

From Olivia: Abby is an American Pit Bull Terrier Rat Terrier mix. Abby is 6 months old and a little under 30 lbs. She’s pretty long, has shorter legs, and is very muscular. She is observant and loves to watch birds, cats, lizards, etc. She is a hunter at heart. She’s also very sensitive.

She must be treated very gently as she gets hurt feelings easily. She responds really well to positive reinforcement. In a week’s time, she was potty-trained, could sit, catch, and give her paw. She is a licker and absolutely adores to cuddle and be loved on.

Eve the Dachshund English Bulldog Mix

English Bulldog Dachshund Mix picture

Dachshund English Bulldog Mix

From Jessa: Eve is a strong willed, stubborn mix. She is quite independent, not a cuddle dog, etc. I got her as a six month year old puppy and that was quite a challenge – but it was more our style of ignorant dog ownership than her being flawed.

She is quite stubborn and seems to lack the inherent desire of most dogs to please her owners – she wants to do what she wants, on her terms, on her timing. Which makes her a bear to train, but it is not impossible. I have currently trained her to be a psychological service dog. Whether by fluke of her noticing my ‘issues’ or what, she does a pretty great job of helping me out. When I fleetingly catch glimpses into her personality it makes things much easier and training is much improved.

She is three years old and still looks like a puppy of some larger, monstrous breed. I think she will always look as a puppy. Her current weight is around 45lbs, and she is not over weight, I can still see a waist in there! Very food driven and a real lovebug in her own way.

The only caution I would give to individuals desiring to acquire this breed is that joint problems are a bit of a concern, her back legs sit higher than her front which resemble more of a dachshund, so she does experience some stiffness.

Other than that, a great watchdog, a great play companion and loves her walks!

Max an American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix

From Chuck: Max is a big and strong dog, but he is also a big baby too. He is an American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix. He has a good heart and is very loyal. He is a great protector of us and he loves to play whenever he can. We have had Maximus for almost four years. He weighs close to 130 pounds! He can also be very mischievous too.

We love Max very much and hope to get a house with a lot of land soon so he can run around more. He also loves walks and in the summer we take him to the local baseball field when we can to get all that energy out of him!

Franklin the Boxer Whippet Mix

From Winnie: Franklin looks and acts a lot like a boxer- until he stands next to a purebred boxer. He is very fine-boned with long legs and very dainty paws for a dog his size. At a year old, he weighs around 55 pounds and is not expected to get whole lot bigger. His figure is much more like that of a whippet than a boxer.

His head is an interesting mix of boxer and whippet- he has the square jaw and broad forehead of the boxer, along with an endearing underbite. His snout is much longer that a typical boxer though. He is VERY attached to his people and while he is a very high energy dog, his favorite place to be is snuggled up next to you on the couch or in bed. He loves running and he LOVES other dogs.

Noel a Boxer Redbone Coonhound Mix

From Rick: Noel is a Boxer Redbone Coonhound mix.  When she was about 6 months old, she suddenly ripped her leash out of my hand and went vertical about 10 feet up an evergreen tree. She is just one of those dogs with personality to an extreme.

Other than my bias of thinking she is cute, I have had many strangers comment on how cool she looks. As far as her demeanor goes, she is one of the most people-friendly dogs I’ve ever seen. She’s never met a kid she didn’t lick, LOL.

Cali the Sheltie Chow Mix

Sheltie Chow Mix

Sheltie Chow Mix

From Donna Irene: I am unsure of what mix Cali is, but I believe she could be a sheltie/chow. She definitely has the coloring of a chow and has a pink/black tongue, but is the size of a sheltie and herds like one. She is a rescue and is very friendly – loves her human friends way more than dogs! Other breeds I thought she may have are miniature aussie, border collie, pomeranian, or spitz… please let me know your thoughts!

Maple the Boxador German Shepherd Dog Mix

Boxador German Shepherd Dog picture

Boxador German Shepherd Dog

From Flagra: Maple is a Boxador German Shepherd Dog mix. My dog is reddish fawn brown with a black nose. She has a white neck that fades to a rich reddish brown. Her eyes are a golden brown. When angered or protective she gets a high scruff on her back, making me wonder if she is part Rhodesian Ridgeback.

She has webbed feet, and likes to swim fast. She can dive, and likes to chase rabbit, birds, smaller dogs, bugs, anything she can track down. She can climb chain link fences and knows how to get out of a choke chain. She is very smart and copies what I do.

Gracie the Beagle Pointer Mix (?)

From Lisa: Wacky! Gracie has that “Beagle bark”. She’ll chase anything smaller than a cat. She typically is good with other dogs her size. She eats things she shouldn’t eat. We got her from a family who has gotten her from a shelter as a puppy with the breed listed “hound”. She may be Beagle, Pointer, who knows what!
She’s stubborn. She smells bad sometimes. But seriously, I love her. Best wackjob I’ve ever known haha!. Any look alikes out there in cyberspace?

Caspian the Australian Cattle Dog Shar-Pei Mix

From Sonja: Caspian is a calm, 4 yr old shar pei / Australian cattle dog mix rescue. He is loving, polite, good with children, other dogs, cats, and even chickens. Caspian does not bark, jump up, crotch sniff, scratch, dig, or counter surf. Not food motivated and will wait for other dog to eat first. He loves to give kisses under your chin and sit next to you but not on you. Caspian will ask for attention by laying on back and hold feet up almost like asking for a hug but does not pursue attention when you have stopped.

He has bristle like fur, stand up ears, and a long thick rat like tail that prob should have been docked as newborn so as to avoid injury. It will stay now. He is highly trainable, patient, and looks to his person for direction.

Caspian is 40lbs with a stout body shape. He has a low energy level but does love on a toy every so often pulling the stuffing out. Does not have accidents in the house even tho old dog does. Low energy but happy to walk or sit as his person wishes. Not so happy with cold weather but gladly wears coats and shoes. Caspuan let’s his person wipe his feet and brush his teeth.

Raja the Australian Shepherd Shetland Sheepdog Mix

From Hayley: Raja is an Australian Shepherd Shetland Sheepdog mix. Raja is brown and black topping out at approximately 25 lbs when fully grown.

She has quite a personality that mesh’s perfectly with my other mix featured on this site named Sabre. Sabre and raja get along like they have known one another for years. Raja is full of energy and baby barks :) she loves to play hide and seek under the couch away from her brother sabre. Raja and Sabre are the best pair of dogs I could ever ask for.

Socks the Rottweiler Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

From Dillon: My dog has the pattern of a Rottweiler and the coat of a Golden Retriever with the body of a German Shepherd Dog  and the speed of a Greyhound. He is playful and friendly and is around the same size as a Golden Retriever. My dog has the pattern of a Rottweiler and the coat of a golden retriever with the body of a German Shepherd and the speed of a Greyhound. He is playful and friendly and is around the same size as a Golden Retriever.

Betsy the Australian Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix

From Ashley: Betsy is a different dog not exactly sure what she bred with I’m thinking more then 2 breeds…. But it don’t matter cause she’s a sweetheart and loves everyone…

She is super spoiled and has to sleep in the bed and sometimes she loves to be rocked like a baby lol she’s very strong cause she has beat parvo!!! … She’s very long legged and skinny but she eats all the time lol she could play all day long but when she’s ready for bed she’s got to be up in the bed!!

Bella the Basset Hound Jack Russell Terrier Mix

From Wendy: What a wonder, zooming around the yard in a big figure 8, with little legs working hard to carry that long Basset body and adorable Jack Russell face! She’s been easy to train, graduating beginner obedience class.

She can be LOUD, but only barks when begging or playing, not at strangers or the door bell! Her play tactic with other dogs has been rolling over on her back, usually at their feet, nosing their necks. A definite flirt!

Loves to be held, thinks she is a lap dog. She’s getting bigger than expected, 25LB at 6 months old.

Tigger the Staffordshire Chow American Bulldog Mix

From Justine: Got my dog Tigger DNA tested and he’s 25% American staffordshire terrier, 25% chow chow, 25% American bulldog, 25% mix mostly of finnish Sptiz, then Labrador, Bull Terrier, and Red Coonhound.

Tigger is a little over 4 months and he’s the best puppy I’ve ever seen and many others have said that about my dog as well. Oh he’s also ALL brindle color and has white only on his belly.

He’s seriously the cutest and super loyal and wary with strangers but once he trusts you he loves you to death!