Pug Mix with Whippet and Lhaso Apso

Pug  Mix with Whippet and Lhaso Apso

Pug Mix with Whippet and Lhaso Apso

From Lisa : Angel is a Pug  Mix with Whippet and Lhaso Apso. She is about 12-13 lbs. She loves to run and go to the dog park. She was rescued from the shelter. She isn’t very tall and she sheds a lot. She loves to play with my other dog. He is a shih tzu name d Jasper. She loves him.

Angel is kind of overweight. She has a best friend at the dog park named Kyle. She is a italian greyhound. They chase each other around the park. It’s fun to watch. She was a lot darker as a puppy. She has based erect ears. That happens when the pinna has less cartilage than the outside of the ear.

Great Pyrenees Mix with Dutch Shepherd

From Emmanuel: Lucky is a laid back lazy dog. Who can be goofy at some times . he is very protective of his home and does not like strange dogs. He has somewhat of a skinny build with a brick like head. He is very alert when he is not playing with his toys.

He has a tail more like a Great Pyrenees and tapers off like a Dutch Shepherd’s. One of his favorite pass times outside is digging from his Pyrenees side. He is still very young and will most likely be very different by the time he matures.

Red Heeler Chow Chow Mix – Shadow

From Christina: Shadow is a Red Heeler Chow Chow Mix. Shadow was the sweetest friend one could have. Fiercely loyal, and loving. He was my brother in law’s dog, and when he passed we took him in. We helped each other heal.

He got along famously with our pure breed Golden Retriever, and our brothers other dog, a German Pinscher mix. He even loved our two cats, and treated them like pack members. Shadow recently passed from old age, he was 14 yrs old. Best dog ever.

Australian Cattle Dog Mix with Golden Retriever

From Jarrod:

Porter was saved from becoming a rescue from an accidental litter,outside of Atlanta. Porter was 6 weeks when I took him home. He was pre rescue, from an accidental litter in Jonesboro, GA. Outside of Atlanta.

I took him in at six weeks, and he instantly became my best friend.
Porter is full of curiosity, and has endless amounts of energy. He is one of the most loving dogs I have been around, and am lucky to have found him. His looks and personality lean more toward “Cattle Dog”. However he took on the “Golden” color, and weighs in heavier than a Cattle Dog @ 75 pounds.

Porter is a tireless, high energy dog. He is the most loving animal I have ever known. He has a heart of gold. He is very playful, loving, loyal, and protective.

He’s very nosy. He NEVER has his head up in the air while walking, unless he smells something distant. He always has his nose to the ground.

He loves chasing rabbits and squirrels. His favorite treat is peanut butter, just like his dad!

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Bloodhound Mix with Newfoundland

From Naomi: Apollo is 64 pounds and 4 months old. He is a Newfoundland Bloodhound Mix. We got him from a family friend who’s dogs had a little too much fun one evening.. But nevertheless we are in love with this critter. His eyes are both very Bloodhound like and Newfy like.

He is very stubborn like his Bloodhound mommy with witty too much energy. We are training him to be a therapy dog and it is going very well. He is an amazing dog and my best friend.

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Saint Bernard German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Saint Bernard German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Saint Bernard German Shepherd Boxer Mix

From Kim and Derrick: Emma is a Saint Bernard German Shepherd Boxer Mix. She was rescued at 4 weeks old and was thought to be a Terrier mix.  We adopted her at 8 weeks old and she weighed 10 pounds.  Our little “Terrier” then started to grow and grow and grow.  Emma is now 8 months old and weighs in at 70 pounds.

She is very energetic and loves playing fetch.  She is very protective of her home and parents, but she warms up to friends that she approves of.  Emma guarantees to keep you on your toes and running with her.

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Rottweiler Lab Mix

Rottweiler Lab Mix

Rottweiler Lab Mix

From Kim and Derrick: Lexi is a Rottweiler Lab Mix. She was rescued with 14 of her brothers and sisters out of a junkyard and was the runt of the litter. We adopted Lexi at 4 months. She is shy with everyone but her family, that being said she is very protective of her family and home.

She is an absolute doll and very loving, along with hamming in it up and putting on a comedic show from time to time. Lexi was a great addition to our family and is a wonderful mix of dogs.

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Boxer German Shepherd Mix

From Ashley: This is Rocky. We adopted him at only 6 weeks of age from a bad home. He was filled with worms and said to have had his shots. He was malnourished as well. He, in fact, did not have his shots and ended up getting parvo as a puppy. We thought he was surely a goner. With almost $900 in vet bills later, Rocky pulled through.

We were told he was a jack Russell and chihuahua mix. Once he reached over 25 lbs we got him tested. He is actually a Boxer, German Shepard, Alaskan Eskimo Dog, and a combination of 20% of unknown mix breeds(way down the line in his family tree).

He is now 45 lbs, healthy, hyper, and beautiful. (Hopefully) he calms down, he still pees on new people from too much excitement. Needless to say, he is very loved.

Beagle Corgi Mix

Beagle Corgi Mix

Beagle Corgi Mix

From Karen: Benny was a stray we adopted from the shelter. He is very playful. He loves toys and will greet company with a toy in his mouth wanting to play. He gets along well with other dogs. When he gets on a scent, he acts just like our purebred Beagle we had.

He is 28 lbs. and has very short, thick front legs and rather large feet for his small size. His back legs are longer and gives him a “jacked up” look. He has a tail that is always curled over his back. He can jump very high for his size. He is very laid back most of the time. He is content with being held for as long as you want. Just a very sweet dog.

We are interested to hear comments on what he may be mixed with. We have heard Beagle/Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Beagle/Doxie.

From AllMutt: The face is very Beagle.  The legs make me think Basset Hound, Corgi, Dachshund and Pug.  I found this Pug Basset Hound mix to have some resemblance.

Australian Shepherd Basset Hound Mix

From Kim: Baxter is believed to be an Australian Shepherd Basset Hound mix.  Baxter is a sweet loving hound mix who is great with dogs and kids. He has a beautiful howl and a beautiful coat and he definitely has herding traits.

He has very short legs and Bassett eyes. His tail is also very thick at the base. His coat is think and the hair on his neck and back is slightly wiry. We got him from the Humane Society when he was 4 so we don’t know much about his parents. We believe he is a Australian shepherd Basset Hound mix.

Labrador Retriever Dalmatian Mix

From Michael: Hutch is a Labrador Retriever Dalmatian mix.  He is a people-doggie! He took to all family members immediately, is content to lay around me all the time, and is always eager to meet animals, though he’s still learning how to temper his excitement due to his being a rescue dog multiple times.

Clearly a mix of his breeds, some days he loves to listen and others he makes you prove it! Hutch is definitely an athletic dog, playful, and eager to please.

Poodle Jack Russell Terrier Mix

From Jeannie: Tauriel is a Miniature Poodle Jack Russell Terrier Mix She is active all day,loves to be outside.She has the intelligence of the Poodle and the stubbornness of the Jack Russell.Loves everyone,including our 3 cats.

I would not recommend this mix for a quiet household.She never stops moving,even has trouble falling asleep at night.

Tauriel’s hair is very soft,and silky,she must be brushed daily to keep it from looking matted.

If she is disciplined,she will argue with you,I have never had a dog that wanted to discuss things before.

Rat Terrier Rottweiler Mix

From Christine: Snoop is a Rat Terrier Rottweiler Mix. Snoop is very energetic, like a Rat Terrier. He is also very gentle and loves to cuddle, like our full breed Rottie. He’s very vocal, not a barker, but will let us know he’s upset when we’ve been gone, at work, without him.

He loves anyone that gives him attention. He’s great with kids, He has a Rottie head and stature, with Rat Terrier ears and markings. Snoop weighs 52 lbs, he is seven years old. He has been with us since he was 8 weeks old.

Hound German Shepherd Mix named Duke

From Amy: Duke is Hound German Shepherd Mix. He is fun, loving, cute, lots of energy. He loves to sit in front of the heater and is very sharp toothed and he loves to chew. He sniffs everything and everyone. He knocks on doors to get in and out. Has eaten over 50 toys and chewed four beds.

Love to be around women but he barks very loud around strange men. Cries when my son’s leave to go home. Gets excited when we turn to go to his vet. Loves to eat table food but hates dog food.

I love Duke with all my heart adopted from ASAP for my son 20th birthday. He was 6 weeks old. He is now 14 months and 72 lbs.

Labrador Retriever Red Heeler Mix

From Cindy: Lacie is a Labrador Retriever Red Heeler mix. She is an awesome dog and she is so sweet. She is good with kids and good with adults. Does act crazy with other dogs but we are learning.

She weights about 60 pounds. She loves to swim across our pond. She is very smart learned her command at an early age. She also has small spots on her under belly that are the color of a chocolate lab. She loves to come inside and lay on the top of our couch. She had seizures as a puppy.