Lab Hound Mix – A former stray

Lab Hound Mix

Lab Hound Mix

Lab Hound Mix

From Ashley: Tanner is a Lab Hound Mix. He greatly resembles our tan Labrador Retriever when she was younger. His eyes are dark brown, to match his coat. He has a slight white marking on his chest. He was a stray that we took in, so I’m not sure of his age or anything about when he was a puppy. But his tail has a slight curve, with slight traces of black fur in it.

He can snap a fly out of the air, he is very protective of me, after only just meeting me two days ago. He is very sweet and not aggressive in any way. Not sure what he is, but this dog is beautiful and we are so lucky to have him.

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Mastiff Bloodhound Mix named Kash

Mastiff Bloodhound Mix

From Kathy: Kash is funny and sensitive. Kash is a Mastiff Bloodhound Mix. He’s very loving and loyal. He is afraid of thunder or loud noises. Kash was 110 pounds when we rescued him. He peaked at 155. He never met a stranger, but he hated cats and squirrels. He made friends with out 2 goats. He chased them several time but finally figured out that was a no no.

He loved his food and would eat our as soon as we turned our backs. Sometimes even when we didn’t turn our back. He had no shame. He was rescued from the streets and had a loving home for 4 years. He passed away 1 week ago today. I love you Kash. 9/11 -9/15

Pit Bull Lab Mix with a little Saint Bernard

Pit Bull Lab Mix

From Shane: Lulu is a Pit Bull Lab Mix.  She’s half Labrador Retriever. The other half is a Rottweiler, American Pit Bull Terrier, and St. Bernard mix.

She’s a big lovable baby. She looks mostly lab but is built like a Rottweiler. From certain angles, you can see the American Pit Bull Terrier in her head shape.

She is extremely smart and very loyal. She is almost too attached. She loves to play fetch and tug of war but she is picky about who she will drop her toy for. She loves other dogs as I also have a purebred black Labrador Retriever and they are nearly inseparable.

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More about Pit Bull Lab Mix

Pit Bull Lab Mix
It’s can be called a Pitador or a Labrabull. There are a few other names like Pitbull Lab and Labrador Pit Bull Mix.

The Labrador Retriever is considered by many to be among the friendliest of dog. The American Pit Bull Terrier does not share that distinction.

If a Pit Bull is well cared for and raised with proper training, they are a very loyal, energetic and gentle dogs. If bred and raised improperly or trained for fighting, they can return to their aggressive fighting nature.

Responsible Pit Bull owners are extremely loyal and are ready to defend the breed. Due to media focus, people can be leary of Pit Bulls. This extends to similar dogs. These reports tends to report dog attacks as being perpetrated by Pit Bull mixes or Pit Bull type dogs. The attacking dog may not be related to Pit Bulls but it makes for easy reporting.

If you own a Lab Pit Bull Mix, it might be best to introduce them as a Lab Mix.

Jack Russell Terrier Poodle Mix

Jack Russell Terrier Poodle Mix

From Tonilynn: Mopsy is a Jack Russell Terrier Poodle Mix. Great Doorbell! It took three years before he kissed me but he’s always been a Mama’s Boy. He’s an albino pooch so he is always clothed to protect from UV rays. He is real GQ.

He defers to Jackyfaye (Fat Cat 1 year older) 99% of the time but when he rushes her, she waddles off quickly. They are the CUTEST interspecies couple ever!

Mopsy’s a good boy until the front door is opened! He is a MAJOR door dasher. His desire to dash has him shadow me and unless it is very high temps he goes with me on errands. Actually his name is Mike Mopsy. My pets names contain my dad and step-up mother’s names.

I love, love, love this little guy. Please don’t get me started or I might just tell you all the reasons why I love my Jack Russell Terrier Poodle Mix so!

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About Jack-A-Poo dogs

Jack Russell Terrier Poodle Mix, Jackapoo, Jack A Poo or Jack-A-Poo dogs are cross breed of a Jack Russell Terrier and the Poodle. The Poodle is typically a Toy Poodle but could be a Miniature Poodle or a Standard Poodle. The temperament of any mixed breed is depends on all breeds in the mix. Your dog may have individual traits from each breed or some combined traits. You may even end up with a trait not typical of either breed. In the case of a Poodle mix, the dog will likely be highly intelligent, have a happy personality, and may not shed or shed very minimally. With a Jack Russell Terrier, there will be intelligence, lots of energy, a good dose of tenacity and a bit of craziness. 

Great Pyrenees Dog Mix with Picture

From Kim: Hello. Newton is four months old and he is lively but very sweet. Loves to chase squirrels and points occasionally. He has double dews on hind feet so vet thought maybe Great Pyrenees in there somewhere. Any ideas?

He has some black on tail, under muzzle and the Count Dracula thing on his head which seems to fade some as he ages. He is, IMO, the cutest thing ever. He is about 45 lbs. at 4 mos with huge paws. Let me know if you see any breed in him.

His litter mates all had long hair. He was biggest of the litter. They were found crossing a major hwy in North Carolina. Love you website.

Rat Terrier Mix with Bluetick Coonhound

From Jenaya: She is a very inquisitive pup and loves to adventure. She is also alert, energetic, funny and loves to dig! She likes other dogs but will sometimes growl at them. She was brought into the Humane Society at 5 months and now she is 6 months. My other dog Scooter, the Foxhound mix and her are best friends and try to play all the time. I think she is a Bluetick Coonhound and Rat Terrier mix but, she may have another dog or so. She is a big licker and is stubborn.

She is very energetic and could run for hours and she loves to swim and chase the geese. She only knows sit, lay, high – five, shake and I’m training her come and stay. She is a good girl most of the time except for when she has an accident, chew inappropriate things and doesn’t listen.

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American Foxhound Mix with Pit Bull Terrier

From Jenaya:  Scooter is an American Foxhound Mix with Pit Bull Terrier. I think that he is American Pit Bull Terrier since he has the ears, body build, and personality of that of a Pit. He might be American Foxhound Mix since he has the markings like on and some of the hounds personality. He may also be a Jack Russell Terrier. He is also a BIG BABY! But I love him anyway. He is very, very lovable. He knows the tricks lay, come, stay, sit, shake, and high – five.

He was brought into the Humane Society at 3 months, 3 weeks and he is now 11 months old. He is one of the best dog I had except for him chewing everything. He is my best, best, best friend and could not ask for a better dog.

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Bloodhound Shetland Sheepdog Mix named Bark

From JT:  Bark looks like a monster Beagle. We were surprised to find out that he is actually a Shetland Shepherd, Bloodhound, Bulldog, and Australian Shepherd mix. We originally thought he was a Beagle Boxer mix of some sort. Apparently a lot of the “Boxer” traits were actually the Bulldog and Bloodhound genes.

He definitely has “shepherd” intelligence and Bloodhound stubbornness! He is high energy, high intelligence-and maybe the only “sheltie” like trait he shows is that he is a true companion dog.

He loves kids/strangers/other dogs, maybe too much sometimes! Right now he’s slotted to be at least 50 lbs, but the photo is when I got him at a teeny weeny 8 lbs at eight weeks.

Dachshund Yorkshire Terrier Mix

From Kiara: My dog is a cute little “dorkie“. Marlie is a Dachshund Yorkshire Terrier Mix. She loves playing and running an chasing cats. when we first got her she was very scared. She was shaking. She is long and pretty short. She has a long tail and loves going on walks, and going “bye bye”. Marlie is very loyal .

She is very cute and lovable and is protective she will bark when someone new comes or when anyone comes in. She will be patient with kids and has lots and lots of energy. She does know the basic tricks but not so much the other ones.

When she is alone she sleeps like an it is adorable she is 2 years old. Once she  broke her tale and now it is fixed . She runs out the door when she gets the chance. She even chased a bike rider all the way to his house. Marlie is very energetic. She is very loyal. She is very protective and she likes digging.

Chow Chow Rottweiler Mix with a little Pit Bull

From Morgan: Dexter is a Chow Chow Rottweiler Mix. He is also mixed with an American Pit Bull Terrier. He has double dewclaws on both back feet, Pitbull cheeks, all Brown with white markings and a black face with dark grey eyes.

He is laid back, a fast learner, good with kids, a little bit unsure with strangers until approached, and a little food aggressive but he’s still very young with time to train. He has folded ears but they may eventually perk up (parents genes), he’s short, stocky, and has a short, thick tail.

Dexter loves his belly rubbed and will fall asleep upside down. His mother is a friendly purebred red-nosed American Pit Bull Terrier, and his father is Rottweiler/Chow Chow mix.

Pomeranian Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix Named Scooter

From Kelly: Scooter is a bit of a recluse, but he loves his family and he adores his sister Dollie. He is a very sweet and obedient dog. He is a Pomeranian Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix.

I got Scooter in 2007 when he was about 2 and a half from a family moving over seas. Ever since then he has been an incredible addition to the family. We love him so much and so do all of our friends. He loves to eat and take walks. He plays well with other dogs, but has no interest in toys.


Cairn Terrier Poodle Mix

Cairn Terrier Poodle Mix

Cairn Terrier Poodle Mix

From Kelly: Dollie is a . Cairn Terrier Poodle mix. Oh Dollie, she is a very energetic, spunky and neurotic dog. She has a mind of her own and can be quite stubborn. But she has to be the smartest and funniest dog ever. She is very protective of her family. However, she is very loving and affectionate. She likes to gives kisses and loves to be rubbed. She is also very intuitive, she can tell when you are unhappy and she will show you love and attention.

Pitbull German Shepherd Mix

From Sheryl: Weighs 2; lbs at 15 weeks. Shepherd mix was the only breed listed on papers. White chest, white paws and pink and black pads and white and black nails. Brindle color. Found similar pic on this site which was shepherd pit and rott. He has a long tail with a fray at the end. One ear looks like it’s starting to stand up and the other is still down. Seems to have a large rib cage. Socializes well with our 7 year old lab and other dogs. Seems very smart.

I got my dog from a rescue and I was hoping someone might be able to give me some insight as to what breeds he is mixed with.

Pug Mix with Whippet and Lhaso Apso

Pug  Mix with Whippet and Lhaso Apso

Pug Mix with Whippet and Lhaso Apso

From Lisa : Angel is a Pug  Mix with Whippet and Lhaso Apso. She is about 12-13 lbs. She loves to run and go to the dog park. She was rescued from the shelter. She isn’t very tall and she sheds a lot. She loves to play with my other dog. He is a shih tzu name d Jasper. She loves him.

Angel is kind of overweight. She has a best friend at the dog park named Kyle. She is a italian greyhound. They chase each other around the park. It’s fun to watch. She was a lot darker as a puppy. She has based erect ears. That happens when the pinna has less cartilage than the outside of the ear.

Great Pyrenees Mix with Dutch Shepherd

From Emmanuel: Lucky is a laid back lazy dog. Who can be goofy at some times . he is very protective of his home and does not like strange dogs. He has somewhat of a skinny build with a brick like head. He is very alert when he is not playing with his toys.

He has a tail more like a Great Pyrenees and tapers off like a Dutch Shepherd’s. One of his favorite pass times outside is digging from his Pyrenees side. He is still very young and will most likely be very different by the time he matures.