Blackmouth Cur Pit Bull Mix named Ace

Blackmouth Cur Pit Bull Mix

Blackmouth Cur Pit Bull Mix

Blackmouth Cur Pit Bull Mix

This is Ace is a Blackmouth Cur Pit Bull mix.  Ace is a playful, outdoor-loving dog. He loves to ride on the golf cart and he is always getting his nose into everything.

Ace is about 60 lbs. He is not the most intelligent dog that ever lived, but he sure is sweet.

He barks when strangers come up to his owner’s house, but not excessively. Just a few barks to let his people know that someone is there. He has never been a big fan of food. Ace will take it or leave it most days. He loves water hence chasing the water from the garden hose makes him happy although baths are not his favorite.

German Shepherd American Pitbull Terrier Mix

German Shepherd American Pitbull Terrier Mix

German Shepherd American Pitbull Terrier Mix

German Shepherd American Pitbull Terrier Mix

Jackpot is a German Shepherd American Pitbull Terrier Mix. Jackpot is an adorable two month old dog that showed up at our business, cold and hungry. He’s a really good boy for such a young pup. Who could turn their back on this little guy?

He looks like a Shepard pup with shorty legs! His markings give him that “worried” look. He is happy and boisterous and all boy! He likes to do a little digging and chewing when his day gets boring. He’s an only pup but sometimes has Aunt Zoey, a lab/pit rescue dog, to play with. Jackpot is my handsome grand puppy and I love him to pieces!

Redbone Coonhound and Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix

Redbone Coonhound Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix

Marley was DNA tested. Every generation, for four generations, is exactly 50/50 Redbone Coonhound Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix.

He is a fantastic family dog! Loads of energy and never wants to stop playing! Beautiful brindle coat. A tail that can empty a coffee table in one sweep and hurts when it hits your leg. Marley talks to us in his crying voice! He only barks and growls if he hears someone on our porch or driveway. marley gets along w all dogs at dog park. Marley goes into protect mode when my wife is walking him. Grandkids can take a bone from him, He is so chill! Tries to sneak into bed. Stays at my side wherever i go, inside or out. WE Live VE MARLEY!

Chow Chow Labrador Retriever Mix

Chow Chow Labrador Retriever Mix

Our dog is a Chow Chow Labrador Retriever Mix. Sasha is a very easy-going dog. Truly a Lab personality. She has a purple tongue. We did a DNA test on her. It came back as 75% undetermined, and the remaining 25% mostly Lab, and some Chow. Who knows what the undetermined part is. Maybe German Shepherd Dog. She certainly has the coat for it. She gets along great with her Miniature Schnauzer brother. She is a snuggle-bug with her human family.

Chow Beagle Mix named Huck- Beagle Chow Chow

Chow Beagle Mix

Chow Beagle Mix

Chow Beagle mix

From Nicholas: Huck is one quarter chow, Beatle,black lab, and boxer. He is smart to say the least. He is known for figuring thing out on his own even if they are complex.

He has the perfect temperament. He is loving loyal the chow being only a quarter makes it so he has just the right amount of protective instinct in him. He is great with children and other dogs loves the water and will play for hours if you if you let him.

He is not to big at all. He is about the size of a small black lab. When he was a puppy he was a bit spiteful if you did not get to the door fast enough to let him out he would go right in front of you and watch you as he did his business. Will not hesitate to put himself in harms way to protect you. Despite being 3 years old he is still as soft as can be and his skin is still fairly stretchy All in all great dog and companion.

Greyhound Labrador Retriever Mix – Rescue Dog

Greyhound Labrador Retriever Mix – Rescue Dog

Annie is a Greyhound Labrador Retriever mix rescue dog. We have had pure bred labs in the past. She looks a lot like a lab but has a more narrower head and longer nose, she did not have the layer of fat of a lab and her hair is smooth and soft and not course and water proof like a lab.

We knew she was a mix but when we saw her run the first time we were wowed. We found out that she could jump straight up in the air 5-6 feet (pogo).

There was a lot of other characteristics that were not lab. She is not a chewer and she is somewhat neurotic needing order and a schedule and routine, she will not eat when you look at her and only at a specific time of the day.

So not lab, and so when someone suggested that she had greyhound in her. We read up on the greyhound/lab breed and saw pics that looked just like her we figured it out. She is smart as a whip and is a lap dog even though she weighs 53 pounds, very very loving.

Beagle German Shepherd Mix – Rescue Dog

Cali is a Beagle German Shepherd Mix. We rescued Cali from a shelter at 4 month old. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle but also had solid amount of energy, loving to chase balls and  to play with other dogs. Cali is pretty smart but definitely has a mind of her own.

Cali can sleep through the day without being crazy later so mild energy levels. She’s now 9m and has grown longer than taller. Coat is incredibly soft and shiny, she get compliments on it. About 45 lbs now and think there some growing left to do.

Great Dane Redtick Coonhound Mix

Great Dane Redtick Coonhound Mix

Great Dane Redtick Coonhound Mix

Great Dane Redtick Coonhound Mix

Sam is a big goofy giant. He is a tall lean build weighing in at 90 lbs. He is a Great Dane Redtick Coonhound Mix. Coat patterns matches a Redtick Coonhound however body structure like a Great Dane. – We believe that there is another breed in there somewhere!

In the house he is a typical Great Dane – super relaxed, sleepy and big lap dog. However when we go outside he is pure hound – high energy level, extremely high prey drive and is extremely focused on scents. He has currently dug three holes in the backyard in what we think is an attempt to look for animals. Sam has already found three mice houses since we have had him.

He requires lots of exercise so he goes for many hikes and bike rides. Unfortunately he will not fetch – he would much rather just explore doing his own thing. He is very independent that way.

He is EXCELLENT with children – very respectful and gentle. He is great with other dogs and strangers -we are working on socializing with cats. If they run he will chase however cats that hold there ground he gets along with. He rarely barks – however he will whine on occasion if he is anxious.

Rescue Dog

Sam is a rescue and so when we got him he had a few issues. We have had him for almost 2 years and he responded very well to training so most of his issues are completely gone.

He is an extremely intelligent and friendly dog. He is the best thing that has ever happened to our family and we just love him to bits! We are forever grateful that we have him in our lives – he is so deserving of a wonderful life.

Sam is a Great Dane/Coonhound mix – or so we have been told. His past owners surrendered him to a kill shelter in Kentucky sometime in the February – March 2015 because they couldn’t afford the food – I later adopted him in April 2015. His old name was either Cooper or Copper, the rescue organization that saved him from euthanasia named him cooper-copper.

I would love to know where Sam came from. I would like to know more about where he came from.. I know it was not a good place since he came in 35 pounds underweight and very malnourished – but I try to believe that they really did love him and that they really couldn’t afford the food. I also want to know what breed he actually is and his real age! I know its a long shot but any information I can get would be amazing!

If you would like to see more pictures of this great Great Dane Redtick Coonhound Mix his instagram account is @5amson_the_hound

Anatolian Shepherd Mix with Pit Bull and Great Pyrenees

Anatolian Shepherd Mix

From Chez: Annabelle is currently 5 months old. She is super sweet! She is a American Pit Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, and Anatolian Shepherd Mix.

Annabelle is very energetic and very friendly! She’s good with livestock. She likes to play chase the chicken from time to time!

She has learned sit, come, shake, and speak so far. Potty training is still an ongoing process. She has large paws, brindle coloring with white markings. Her adult coat is growing in wavy with tufts behind the ears and on the backs of her legs.

Everywhere we go, people gravitate to her. She’s a spoiled girl…lol

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Breed combination: American Pit Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherd Mix.

Alaskan Husky American Bulldog Mix

Alaskan Husky American Bulldog Mix

From Sarah: Elijah Blue is such a hoot!! He jumps up and hugs me around the waist when he welcomes me home. When I rescued him from a high kill shelter, he weighed 65 lbs. He was supposed to be already fully grown. He now weighs 80 lbs, so I guess he still had more growing to do!! He is now a year and a half so he should now be done, right?

He is an ambassador of good will to all dogs since he hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t like!! But the best part about him is his eyes. That husky dad sure gave him his good looks, and the American bulldog build, coloring and coat are standard with the breed!!

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Boxer Beagle Mix Possible – Shelter Dog

Possible Boxer Beagle Mix

From Tim: Sheila has the body of a Boxer, with head of a Beagle. She does not bark at dogs or people, only cats, rabbits, and other small animals (must be the beagle in her).

She is very playful with toys in the house, but wants nothing to do with them outside, as there are much more interesting things to do. Not much of a watchdog, since she wants to be friends with everyone. Don’t really know what breed, since she was a stray from a shelter.

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Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix with German Shepherd

Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix

From Sarah: Elly is a Treeing Walker Coonhound German Shepherd Mix. Elly is smart as a whip, stubborn, and a bit headstrong. She’s sassy and playful. At the same time she is as cuddly as you could ask for.

I can’t emphasize enough how intelligent she is. You can see her calculating and weighing the world around her in her eyes.

She has a very trim, muscular frame, and runs like a greyhound. Elly is 62 lbs, and is a great mix of high energy during playtime and couch potato otherwise.

She is terribly shy of strangers and hates to be looked in the eye when meeting them. When she can sniff them on her own, however, she’s accepting and affectionate.

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German Shepherd Lab Mix named Kona

Shepherd Lab Mix

German Shepherd Lab Mix

Shepherd Lab Mix

Kona is only 5 months. Even at this young age we can tell she is very trainable.  She is a German Shepherd Lab Mix.  She listens and responds well to commands. She is a sweetheart and a cuddler as well.

I have never had a German Shepard before but she definitely has Labrador characteristics. She has an all black coat like a Lab. She has perkier ears, longer snout and a slender body like a German Shepard. She is estimated to weigh between 70-90 pounds when fully grown.


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Sheltie Jack Russell Mix

Sheltie Jack Russell Mix

From Lori: Belle is full of energy and loves to run. She is a Sheltie Jack Russell Mix. But also loves to lay down and watch TV. She has also laid claim on my husband. I am not allowed to cuddle with him unless she’s in the midst.

She’s very patient with our 6 yr. old but it’s obvious when it’s not playtime. It shows on her face when you’ve made her majesty mad! But a little attention makes it right! Can’t keep this lil diva out of mud, given the opportunity, she’d wallow like a pig!!


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Lab Hound Mix – A former stray

Lab Hound Mix

Lab Hound Mix

Lab Hound Mix

From Ashley: Tanner is a Lab Hound Mix. He greatly resembles our tan Labrador Retriever when she was younger. His eyes are dark brown, to match his coat. He has a slight white marking on his chest. He was a stray that we took in, so I’m not sure of his age or anything about when he was a puppy. But his tail has a slight curve, with slight traces of black fur in it.

He can snap a fly out of the air, he is very protective of me, after only just meeting me two days ago. He is very sweet and not aggressive in any way. Not sure what he is, but this dog is beautiful and we are so lucky to have him.

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