Boston Terrier Mix with Pitbull

From Scottie: Pixie is a Boston Terrier Mix with American Pit Bull Terrier. We know both parents of this stocky plus size girl. She is funny…loves everyone, cats, dogs, and children. She had no clue that she is to big to be a lap dog. She lives to play and run and swim. She a total bed hog. She sleeps under the covers. We would not trade the world for get.

She makes this face when she does not get her way that…We just laugh. She had 4 sibblings whom she will not go anywhere with out. She has a nickname “nanny pic pic” be cause we foster dogs all the time and she is great with them.

Doberman Pinscher Mix with Portuguese Water Dog

From Leah: This is Skud, an almost five year old Portuguese Water DogDoberman Pinscher Mix. He has an extremely calm temperament, he’s good with kids, and loves to lay and chew his Nylabone, but isn’t too cuddly unless you’re sad or he’s scared. He and our other dog, a female pit/hound mix, are absolutely in love and hang out all day.

He’s very protective of her and his humans! Give him people to pet him, food to eat, and his woman, and he’s happy.

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English Pointer English Setter Mix

From Katelyn: I adopted Riley when he was only eight weeks old. It is thought that he is a English Pointer English Setter Mix. He’s now over a year and about 66 pounds. He is very tall and lean and loves to run around outside. He’s one of the most loving dogs that I have ever met and is very smart.

He enjoys playing with other dogs and loves kids. Due to his size, he may be a little overwhelming for small children, but he means well.

He has a longer coat like an English Setter, but his ear and nose shape are more triangular. His wisdom panel showed some Chihuahua genes – but that is hard to believe due to his size.

He was rescued by PawSafe Rescue from a high-kill shelter in West Virginia with his seven sisters.

Great Pyrenees Mix with Pit Bull – Griz

Great Pyrenees Mix with Pit Bull

Great Pyrenees Mix with Pit Bull

From Chastidy: Griz is short for Griz Lee Bear. Griz has the best personality. Everyone who meets him loves him.

He is

Great Pyrenees mix

with American Pit Bull Terrier. His mother was full American Pit Bull Terrier and he has the breed’s skull and muscle build. He has longer hair of Great Pyrenees and double dew claws. He has golden eyes with black eyeliner and red and salt and pepper fur.

He has the best temperament ever. He is extremely intelligent. He assumed the role of being not only my baby and best friend but also my guardian and protector. He is my ride or die guy!

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Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

From Cindy: Thor is a lovable little bundle of energy and fun! I am pretty sure he’s a Chi-Russell (Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix) after talking to the vet and looking at puppy pics online. The young girl I got him from said that he was a “Wire Haired Terrier” and when I asked her what breed of terrier, she said that was the breed. As far as I know, “Wire Haired Terrier” isn’t an actual breed so, Chi-Russell is what I’m thinking and the vet said he tends to agree especially on the chihuahua part.

He has been a bundle of fun since we brought him home, but we have to keep a VERY close eye on him because he wants to eat everything he can get in his mouth! He loves to dig in the couch and try to “bury” his toys in the cushions. He goes through spurts of extremely high energy and then crashes for a nap, but I assume a lot of the ups and downs are due to the fact that he is still just a baby.

He loves our two girls and tries his best to get the cats to play with him, but they would much rather he just stayed away. He loves playing with his toys and wants them all to be in one spot. We are working on potty training and have only had a few accidents so far. He seems to be catching on pretty well.

Catahoula Leopard Dog American Pit Bull Mix

From Sabine: We think she is a Catahoula Pit Bull Mix, We found her in the front yard at about 8 weeks old. Always on the go. She is  there months old now, and loves to play. She loves to bite everything.

She is very smart. She was house broken in a less than 2 weeks. We love her so much. But I think the other 3 dogs we have are still thinking about it. I am pretty sure she has pitbull in her because everyone around here has a pitbull.

We think she is a mix of a Catahoula and Pitbull. I have looked up all kinds of mix breeds. And this is the closest I could get. Because I need to tell the vet something before I take her to get shots.

Husky Rottweiler Boxer Mix

Alaskan Husky Rottweiler Boxer Mix

Husky Rottweiler Boxer Mix

From Brianna: Baxter is my best friend in the world. He LOVES cuddles and regardless of size, he seems to believe he’s a lapdog.

He’s very protective of my boyfriend and me and I have not had a puppy that listens better than he does. I have had him off leash from the moment I got him and he refuses to leave his designated area. He loves going on the fourwheeler, running and has just learned to jump.

He is such a sweetheart and I wouldn’t give him up for the world.

Chow Border Collie Mix – Hanna a Beautiful Rescue

Chow Border Collie Mix Picture

Chow Border Collie Mix

From Mike: I adopted a beautiful  Chow Chow Border Collie mix female, 2 year and 1 month old from a local shelter in May of last year. I thank you for what you are doing. l got the lead on “Hanna” from a national hotline email similar to who knew I was looking for a Chow mix to replace my Chow Akita who died of cancer last year. See Attached picture of Hanna.

She was taken in from a neglectful owner who fed her table scraps some days other days nothing. She was chained outside and never washed or brushed. She weighed 20 lbs. on intake at the shelter. Three months later, she was a respectful 30 pounds. Four months later on a follow up visit she weighed in at a pudgy, round 42 lbs. – round and pudgy but happy.

She has boundless energy. She loves to play fetch – indoors only. Outside there are too many things more interesting than a knotted rope. She will on the run at 200 miles per hour towards the front door or back lawn fence, throw the rope/ball 6 foot. in the air and catch it without missing a step. She also walks on her back feet and rings a bell on a door to the back yard whenever she needs to go outside. She is very smart and athletic. What else would you expect from a rescued Chow Border Collie Mix!

Thanks again for what you do.

Pit Bull Mix with Terrier – Lisa

Pit Bull Mix

Terrier Pit Bull Mix

From Nancy : Lisa about 4 years old, very lively. weighs 37 pounds, medium size. loves to cuddle but still shy with strangers. she has a permanent tag wag.

I really have no clue what breed she is. she was a stray that was rescued. Her hair is very short, blonde and she’s beginning to shed. She is slim and very muscular. I thought maybe she had a little Labrador Retriever in her except for the size. My groomer thought maybe a little American Pit Bull Terrier.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

She’s very sweet and loves to cuddle.

Note from AllMutt: I browsed Labrador Retriever mixes on and thought there was some similarities to this Jack Russell Terrier Lab mix.

American Staffordshire Terrier Rottweiler Mix – Monty

From : Monty is 1/4 American Staffordshire Terrier , 1/8 Rottweiler, and 5/8 unknown mix, with low possibilities of Papillon and Samoyed.Great with people, bad with dogs, but his loyalty makes up for it.

He used to have a chocolate-lab brother, but after he passed Monty got a little hostile. He is so nice to the family and licks everyone he meets! His favorite activities are sleeping on human beds, taking walks, and playing with ANY stick that he can find.

Pomeranian Australian Shepherd Mix – Bear

From Rose: Bear is a Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix. Bear is a very loving, protective well mannered dog. He is very active loves exercise, playing peek a boo, playing fetch but doesn’t like giving back the item you throw he likes to tease.

He’ll follow me or my kids everywhere we go in the house, likes to cuddle. Bear also has a favorite song he sings too. When I’m cooking he’s right there on the floor sitting all proper with his paws
crossed watching me.

Border Collie Newfoundland Mix – Gertie

From Jodi: Gertie is an 8-month old, 74 pound bundle of trouble. She is a big clown who tends to get into things.

Gertie is a Border Collie Newfoundland mix. She is lean and lanky with long legs. Her body is white with black spotting, and her face has symmetric black markings that extend to her ears. She has a distinctive black heart-shaped spot on her nose, and she has heart-shaped paw pads.

Gertie enjoys going for long walks and mountain hikes. She never met a stranger and loves all animals, too. Gertie completes our family.

Spaniel German Shepherd Mix

From Haley: Murphy was rescued from Puerto Rico in January 2010. He was then known as “Bear,” probably because he is like a little Teddy Bear. He is always ready to snuggle! He is like a furry person the way you can read the emotions on his face, especially when he has a big smile.

He is 40lbs, has “snowshoes” (furry toes). He has long-furred curly tail, and his cotton-candy fur crimps when it is wet! He has a big wide shepherd butt, and the little head and long neck of a spaniel. Possible breeds could be German Shepherd, Tibetan Spaniel, Australian Shepherd, Borzoi, and who knows what else! Anyone have any ideas?

Shar-Pei Mix with Samoyed Pooka

From Jacqueline: Pooka is a lively “Sampei” puppy, Shar-Pei Mix with Samoyed. He is new to my home and already taking over my heart. He LOVES rolling around in the snow, and trying to make friends with the less-than-willing cat. We are still learning things like where to go to the bathroom, and no the couch is NOT a toy. But for only being seven weeks old he is learning fast!

He loves sleeping with a “pillow” under his face, whether that be his favorite stuffed dragon or my leg. Going on walks isn’t something that we do quite yet, as any resistance to the leash results in a flop over or a quick lay down. (Preferably in the snow.)

German Shepherd Mix – Rosie

From Nicole: Rosie is a 2.5 year old German Shepherd mix whom I rescued from the Humane Society when she was 4 months old. They did not know what other breeds she was, nor did they know her history except that she had been very sick as a puppy. Our best guess is that she is also part Border Collie and possibly Labrador Retriever.

She is fully grown at 47 lbs. and is in very good health. Her coloring is German Shepherd, but she has softer facial features, and collie-like hair behind her ears. The rest of her coat is extremely soft and smooth.
Now, Rosie is an extremely energetic dog who loves to play fetch and tug-of-war. She loves to go to the beach and hiking. She is also very loving, cuddly, and mommy and daddy-oriented. She gets jealous when we play with or pet another dog. She gets frightened very easily, and will urinate if too nervous or overexcited. When we take her to the dog park, she loves to play with other German Shepherd mixes and huskies. She will always go right to a husky to play, but usually shies away from pure bred Shepherds. She is very good at adapting her style of play to whatever other dog she is playing with at the time. She is extremely fast, agile, and strong!

She demonstrates a hunting posture whenever she smells, hears, or sees a smaller animal (ducks, birds, squirrels, etc.), so I know she definitely has some type of hunting breed in her as well.

She learns new tricks pretty quickly and easily, but often times her fear and anxiety cause her to seem less than intelligent. She has absolutely mastered the “puppy-dog eyes”, and can coerce even the most stubborn of people to pay her attention with just a look.