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German Shepherd French Mastiff Mix

Rosco looks mostly like a German Shepard, but is stockier like a French Mastiff. And has some wrinkles around his head, face, and upper body. He is also very intelligent, protective like a Shepard, and stubborn like a Mastiff.


German Shepherd Mix

From Russ: I got Miss Zoe from a homeless man who had to give her away. She was about seven months old at the time. I have grown to adore her (quirks and all!). She is VERY independent and somewhat aloof. At the dog park it is either me, tennis ball, or squirrel but does […]


Staffordshire Terrier French Bulldog Mix

American Staffordshire Terrier French Bulldog Mix Picture

Jude is a strong, energetic dog who would pull hard on a leash right now without some training to learn to walk by your side. He is affectionate, friendly, and house broken. He is the kind of dog that wants to be king of his own castle as far as other dogs go.


Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Picture

Nelly is a Great Dane German Shepherd mix.  She is intelligent with a sweet disposition. She will grow up to be a very big, affectionate and smart dog.


French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix

Paco and Winston are litter mates. They are French Bulldog Chihuahua Mix. We got them from a shelter organization in Colorado. They rescued them from a kill shelter in Missouri. They’re Brindle, and about 11 pounds each. Paco is a good deal shorter than his brother and more French Bulldog in his stance and demeanor. […]


Boxer Chow German Shepherd Mix

Hurley is a German Shepherd Chow Chow mix. He also has a little bit of Boxer in him and it shows when he walks (slanted). He’s a very loyal dog who is eager to please. He’s really smart, but at the same time has very child-like naivety. He loves to spoon and gives hugs.


Nightmare the American Staffordshire Terrier Bull Mastiff Mix

From Cassarah: Nightmare is a sweetheart. Nothing like her name. She is half American Staffordshire Terrier and  half Bull Mastiff. She was all black when I got her at two months old hence her name being Nightmare. She was the runt of the litter so she is quite small. Nightmare loves to chew on wood […]


Boxer Chow Chow Golden Retriever Mix

From Melissa S. : This is Mikey. We rescued him from a shelter in December of 2009. He is 50% Boxer, 25% Chow Chow and 25% Golden Retriever. He is super sweet and neurotic at the same time, lol. He loves children and prefers them over adults. He’s very playful, but can be aloof with […]