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Bella – Chocolate Labrador Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix

From Echo Noble: Bella was a playful puppy…….she had a lot of energy and I mean A LOT! She is very quick to learn and is eager to please! Bella loves children and is great with other dogs a well! She would hold you down and lick you to death if you let her. She […]


Brady the Rottweiler Shar-Pei Mix

From Sheila: Brady is an 8 week old the Rottweiler Shar-Pei mix puppy who is very lovable! He loves to be near people. He will follow me from room to room and loves to nap in my arms (for now)! The past owners told me he has pug in him too. What do you think?


Wiley – German Shepherd Rottweiler Golden Labrador Retriever Mix

From Cassi: Wiley is a German Shepherd Rottweiler Golden Labrador Retriever mix and is just over 4 years old. We adopted him at 7 weeks old at a local shelter. Wiley has a very laid back personality, hes a gentle giant. He loves to run and swim, nothing keeps him out of the water except […]


Shortee – Border Collie American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Cassi – Shortee is a Border Collie American Pit Bull Terrier Mix.  Shortee is one of the sweetest dogs Ive had in my life. We adopted her at 3 months old from a local shelter. She was taken off an Indian Reserve where the rest of her litter had been killed. We thought we […]


Tucker – Beagle Boxer Mix

From Caroline: Tucker is a Beagle Boxer mix. Tucker was found as an 8 wk puppy with his brother and sister on mean streets of NYC, spent a few hours at kill shelter, and quickly pulled out by amazing rescue group. I brought him home at 3 mos and the rest is history! He’s personality […]


Jack the American Pit Bull Terrier Labrador Retriever Mix

From Nick: We found Jack at a no-kill shelter during our search for a playmate for our first Bloodhound (we have three now). He was in the last kennel we looked at and the people that run the rescue were very apologetic that he wasn’t adoptable because of his color (black), his size (about 65 […]