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Megazord the Boxer German Shepherd Mix

From Jen: Megazord is a Boxer German Shepherd mix. Megazord is a rescue and just the sweetest. Sometimes her ears will perk and swivel for sounds. She will even goes on point before bounding after a squirrel. And I mean bound. She loves to leap over things in a showy fashion. And if she wants […]


Cookie Crumb the Labrador Retriever Mix

From Darlene: Cookie Crumb is 4 months old and a rescue. She is extremely smart, already goes to the door to go outside and never barks. I have rescued her in hopes to make her a personal service assistance dog for my disability. Cookie Crumb is now a new member of the late “Leeo Bandit” […]


Karma the Rhodesian Ridgeback Shar-Pei Mix

From Angie: Karma is a Male dog, he is 2yrs 3 months old and weighs 180lbs and I have had him since he was 10 weeks old and weighed 9lbs. He is a rescue, he was found in a box in an Airport Parking Garage when he was 6 weeks old by my neighbor who couldn’t […]