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Shady – A Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

From Corinne:  Shady is believed to be a Border Collie German Shepherd mix. She clears my 6 foot fence with ease, she will fetch till she dies, and she can run, I have clocked her at 50 km/h. She is a rescue so I am really not sure what breeds are there. She LOVES to be […]


Kikazaru – Basenji Siberian Husky Mix

From Stevie: Kika is a adorable medium sized tri coloured girl with a very big personality! She is loyal and cuddly, loves sleeping in the bed every night. She is also independent and enjoys her private time. She is affectionate; always giving kisses, and is always so excited to see anybody who comes thru the front […]


Stonewall – Siberian Husky Pointer Mix

From Mark: I rescued him right after he turned one year, his owner’s had left them with somebody and that person abandoned him. He was on his own for a few months until his original owners found him running around one day. I picked him up the next day and he is now 3 1/2 […]


Samson an Akita Rottweiler Mix

From Michael: REGAL, this dog knows he is just awesome and doesn’t bother trying to prove it to the other dogs at the dog park. He basically ignores them/ he is very friendly and will quickly make any human want to take him home. He is a human heart stealer: 🙂 He is an excellent […]


Tifa – Chinese Crested Shih Tzu Mix

From Gry: Tifa is the kindest dog. She loves people both children and old people. Whenever I tell people that I have a crested-mix they all say “eew”. But everyone melts when they meet her. She seems like a 50-50 mix in the looks. She lacks hair on her stomach and throat, but have lots of […]


Copper a Plott Hound German Shepherd Mix

From Katherine: Copper is a Plott Hound German Shepherd mix. My cousin fostered him and his siblings. all of his siblings looked like lab-retriever mix. he was the smallest, and so different. but he’s just so cute, loving, and super smart. hopefully he grows up to be a great hunting dog! my vet told me that […]


Sky the Basenji American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Basenji American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Toni: We rescued Sky almost a year ago!! She is the best dog ever!! She is well trained and loves cats,bunnies and kids! She is not friendly with other dogs or men!! She loves to play in the snow!! We hike all the time she stays with you no running off. Oh we just love […]


Blu the Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix?

Rat Terrier Australian Shepherd Mix

From Amer: 15lbs, petite, 1.5 years old, I have no idea what breeds this dog is. He was found as a stray and I adopted him. He is super smart and super fast. I have had him 2 weeks and have taught him: sit, stay, down, come, shake, jump through hoop, jump through arms, roll, […]


Diesel “Tusk” Harding The Boxer American Bulldog Mix

From Rhea: Tusky is a 6 yr old gentle giant who loves kids, cats, other dogs and all sorts of people!  He is a Boxer American Bulldog mix. He enjoys early morning jogs, hiking trails and sleeping A LOT. I think we lucked out on the world’s most laid back, chill pup. We can take him […]