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Bella the Basset Hound Jack Russell Terrier Mix

From Wendy: What a wonder, zooming around the yard in a big figure 8, with little legs working hard to carry that long Basset body and adorable Jack Russell face! She’s been easy to train, graduating beginner obedience class. She can be LOUD, but only barks when begging or playing, not at strangers or the door […]


Tigger the Staffordshire Chow American Bulldog Mix

From Justine: Got my dog Tigger DNA tested and he’s 25% American staffordshire terrier, 25% chow chow, 25% American bulldog, 25% mix mostly of finnish Sptiz, then Labrador, Bull Terrier, and Red Coonhound. Tigger is a little over 4 months and he’s the best puppy I’ve ever seen and many others have said that about my […]


Nova a Rottweiler Mix

From Sheena: My fiance got Nova off of Craigslist for me and spend a ton of money on her!! Come to find out Nova is definitely not pure bred Rottweiler. Which is fine with me! Nova is 8 weeks old and only 4 lbs so i know she will be on the smaller side. We love […]


Doby the Pomeranian Dachshund Mix?

From Diane: Doby is supposed to be a Pomeranian Dachshund mix. He LOVES to play and herd our animals on the farm. We are not sure about the Pomeranian part. Could you help us figure out the other side because we don’t see any Pomeranian in him? He LOVES snuggling and sometimes when we watch movies. […]


Great Pyrenees Bluetick Coonhound Mix

From Lexy: Chase is a Great Pyrenees Bluetick Coonhound mix. He is a very calm little boy. He is very content being in the same room as us but not right under our feet. Chas is very independent. He loves to sniff everything. I think that is the Bluetick Coonhound in him and he is […]


Pygmy the Shar-Pei Chihuahua Mix

From Kati: Pygmy is a Shar-Pei Chihuahua Mix. She is about 9 pounds and is as sassy as they come. Hilarious to watch play because she has such a personality. She has the wrinkles on her face like a sharpie (and the skin problems of that breed) but has a tiny little body. She plays […]