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Caspian the Australian Cattle Dog Shar-Pei Mix

From Sonja: Caspian is a calm, 4 yr old shar pei / Australian cattle dog mix rescue. He is loving, polite, good with children, other dogs, cats, and even chickens. Caspian does not bark, jump up, crotch sniff, scratch, dig, or counter surf. Not food motivated and will wait for other dog to eat first. He […]


Raja the Australian Shepherd Shetland Sheepdog Mix

From Hayley: Raja is an Australian Shepherd Shetland Sheepdog mix. Raja is brown and black topping out at approximately 25 lbs when fully grown. She has quite a personality that mesh’s perfectly with my other mix featured on this site named Sabre. Sabre and raja get along like they have known one another for years. Raja is full […]


Socks the Rottweiler Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

From Dillon: My dog has the pattern of a Rottweiler and the coat of a Golden Retriever with the body of a German Shepherd Dog  and the speed of a Greyhound. He is playful and friendly and is around the same size as a Golden Retriever. My dog has the pattern of a Rottweiler and the […]


Betsy the Australian Shepherd Labrador Retriever Mix

From Ashley: Betsy is a different dog not exactly sure what she bred with I’m thinking more then 2 breeds…. But it don’t matter cause she’s a sweetheart and loves everyone… She is super spoiled and has to sleep in the bed and sometimes she loves to be rocked like a baby lol she’s very strong […]