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Hound German Shepherd Mix named Duke

From Amy: Duke is Hound German Shepherd Mix. He is fun, loving, cute, lots of energy. He loves to sit in front of the heater and is very sharp toothed and he loves to chew. He sniffs everything and everyone. He knocks on doors to get in and out. Has eaten over 50 toys and […]


Labrador Retriever Red Heeler Mix

From Cindy: Lacie is a Labrador Retriever Red Heeler mix. She is an awesome dog and she is so sweet. She is good with kids and good with adults. Does act crazy with other dogs but we are learning. She weights about 60 pounds. She loves to swim across our pond. She is very smart […]


Border Collie Boston Terrier Mix

From Jenn: Lieutenant Dan is a happy and goofy dog. He has the smarts of the Border Collie but the personality of the Boston Terrier. He weighs about 42 lbs and is just over 1 year old. His ears started out floppy but perked up at about 9-10 weeks old. He will go-go-go all day if […]


German Shepherd Mix with Yellow Lab

From Cassandra: Marley is a Yellow Lab German Shepherd Mix. Marley is sensitive, caring, she loves tennis balls, and loves to play basketball specifically rebounding. Marley is very protective of me. I am an Army veteran with PTSD my Marley is a God sent. She enables calms my spirit and forgives my mood swings. There are days […]


Australian Shepherd Mix with Bull Mastiff

From Bo: She is still a puppy, so hard to tell what she will look like when she is older, but she has the markings of the Australian Shepherd Mix and build more like the Bull Mastiff. She has one blue eye and one green eye. She is a love and both breeds are known for their […]


Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix with Picture

From Scottie: Pixie is a Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix. We know both parents of this stocky plus size girl. She is funny…loves everyone, cats, dogs, and children. She had no clue that she is to big to be a lap dog. She lives to play and run and swim. She a total bed hog. She […]