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Poodle Jack Russell Terrier Mix

From Jeannie: Tauriel is a Miniature Poodle Jack Russell Terrier Mix She is active all day,loves to be outside.She has the intelligence of the Poodle and the stubbornness of the Jack Russell.Loves everyone,including our 3 cats. I would not recommend this mix for a quiet household.She never stops moving,even has trouble falling asleep at night. Tauriel’s hair is […]


Rat Terrier Rottweiler Mix

From Christine: Snoop is a Rat Terrier Rottweiler Mix. Snoop is very energetic, like a Rat Terrier. He is also very gentle and loves to cuddle, like our full breed Rottie. He’s very vocal, not a barker, but will let us know he’s upset when we’ve been gone, at work, without him. He loves anyone […]