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Boxer German Shepherd Mix

From Ashley: This is Rocky. We adopted him at only 6 weeks of age from a bad home. He was filled with worms and said to have had his shots. He was malnourished as well. He, in fact, did not have his shots and ended up getting parvo as a puppy. We thought he was […]


Beagle Corgi Mix

From Karen: Benny was a stray we adopted from the shelter. He is very playful. He loves toys and will greet company with a toy in his mouth wanting to play. He gets along well with other dogs. When he gets on a scent, he acts just like our purebred Beagle we had. He is 28 […]


Australian Shepherd Basset Hound Mix

From Kim: Baxter is believed to be an Australian Shepherd Basset Hound mix.  Baxter is a sweet loving hound mix who is great with dogs and kids. He has a beautiful howl and a beautiful coat and he definitely has herding traits. He has very short legs and Bassett eyes. His tail is also very thick […]


Labrador Retriever Dalmatian Mix

From Michael: Hutch is a Labrador Retriever Dalmatian mix.  He is a people-doggie! He took to all family members immediately, is content to lay around me all the time, and is always eager to meet animals, though he’s still learning how to temper his excitement due to his being a rescue dog multiple times. Clearly a […]