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Alaskan Husky American Bulldog Mix

Alaskan Husky American Bulldog Mix From Sarah: Elijah Blue is such a hoot!! He jumps up and hugs me around the waist when he welcomes me home. When I rescued him from a high kill shelter, he weighed 65 lbs. He was supposed to be already fully grown. He now weighs 80 lbs, so I […]


Boxer Beagle Mix Possible – Shelter Dog

Possible Boxer Beagle Mix From Tim: Sheila has the body of a Boxer, with head of a Beagle. She does not bark at dogs or people, only cats, rabbits, and other small animals (must be the beagle in her). She is very playful with toys in the house, but wants nothing to do with them outside, […]


Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix with German Shepherd

Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix From Sarah: Elly is a Treeing Walker Coonhound German Shepherd Mix. Elly is smart as a whip, stubborn, and a bit headstrong. She’s sassy and playful. At the same time she is as cuddly as you could ask for. I can’t emphasize enough how intelligent she is. You can see her calculating and […]


German Shepherd Lab Mix named Kona

Shepherd Lab Mix Kona is only 5 months. Even at this young age we can tell she is very trainable.  She is a German Shepherd Lab Mix.  She listens and responds well to commands. She is a sweetheart and a cuddler as well. I have never had a German Shepard before but she definitely has […]


Sheltie Jack Russell Mix

Sheltie Jack Russell Mix From Lori: Belle is full of energy and loves to run. She is a Sheltie Jack Russell Mix. But also loves to lay down and watch TV. She has also laid claim on my husband. I am not allowed to cuddle with him unless she’s in the midst. She’s very patient with […]