Akita Chow Chow Mix

Akita Chow Chow Mix Picture

Akita Chow Chow Mix

This Akita Chow Chow mix is a beautiful, powerful dog. The Chow in him would give that quiet and courageous demeanor. The Akita would make him bold, alert, intelligent and possibly aggressive.

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  1. Ryan Eckhart says:

    I’m Looking for a female Akita Chow to bread my male with, I live in Hazleton,PA . Is there any websites made for this?

  2. Mike McNeill says:

    I am looking for a chow chow akia puppy.

    Cheech ( my chow akita ) died yesterday after loiving with me for 12 1/2 yrs.
    His is mother was 100% chow chow. Don’t know about the father but after much searching of the web. I concluded father was akita. Extemely gentle, intuitive and intelligent. See attached.

    If you know of any associations or owners who might help me find my new companion, Please let me know.

    Woops…doesn’t seem to be possible to attach pictures
    Hope to hear from you.

    Mike McNeill

    • Bev says:

      I have a 5 1/2 month old chow kita mix. His name is Mr.Mann he is a beauty and alot of fun. I have not had him nuder yet waiting on 6 month mark . I am selling him for $265.00 he has all shots and paper work . He is house trained. You can email me bev 12966 at yahoo

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