Indiana the Akita Rottweiler Mix

Akita Rottweiler Mix Picture Photo

Akita Rottweiler Mix

From Joyce: We adopted Indy, so we don’t know much about him. We’ve heard German Shepherd Dog, Akita, Rottweiler, Border Collie… What’s your guess?

From AllMutt: Just from this picture, I see a lot of Rottweiler with the color and shape of the head and the one ear that’s flopping over. I also see Akita in the build and thickness of coat. The blue neck tie is always a favorite with Border Collie. 😛

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  1. Joyce says:

    wow, so you don’t see any GSD, huh!?

    • Marco Maggiora says:

      It’s AMAZING! My dog Othello is the perfect sosia of Indiana! Where can I find other Indy’s photos? I’ll send photos of my dog Othello!

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