Benny the Akita Chow Chow Mix

Chow Chow Akita Mix Picture

Akita Chow Chow Mix

From Michael: Benny is an Akita Chow Chow mix. He is a rescue from El Cajon Animal Control, Benny is 5 years old. He is brave and strong, huggable and sweet. He is a 10 out of 10 as a watch dog… but not mean. No dog odor, rarely barks. We got REALLY lucky, and we make sure he knows he is treasured. He loves rides in a convertible, he’s patient, reserved, and very very bright. You can tell he’s thinking.

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  1. mike mcneill says:

    Is Benny available for adoption? My 12 yr old chow chow akida just sucumber to cancer. I am very interested in replacing him asap.


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