Malcolm the Boxer German Shepherd Dog Akita Mix

Boxer German Shepherd Dog Akita Mix Photo Picture

Boxer German Shepherd Dog Akita Mix

From Captain Homeslice: Malcolm passed away in 2007 at age 13. He was a fantastic companion dog. In his full bloom, he was 105 lbs of pure muscle. His mother was a boxer. This is known because she came into the shelter with him and his litter mates. One can only guess at his father’s heritage. Many people hazarded he was crossed with a Mastiff or Great Dane, but his coat was much too thick. I’ve always assumed he was crossed with either a German Shepherd Dog or Akita. His tail and hips were set low like a shepherd, but his size and muzzle set were more similar to an Akita. Either way, this was a very loyal companion, wonderful with other dogs and children, loved to play like a Boxer and displayed excellent judgment of character upon meeting strangers (another Shepherd quality). He had a deep barrel chest like a boxer, rarely barked, was remarkably easy to train and was the very definition of “mellow.” Great, great dog.

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  1. viraj naik says:


    I have a boxer german shepherd mix …. he was born on september 4 2007…i totally agree that they are lovely companions … keeps every member of my family in sight…and he looks exactly the same as your malcolm…

  2. Mel says:

    I have a dog that looks exactly as Malcolm, but his fur colour is more of a german shephard. I don’t know exactly what he is, I was told Boxer/German Shepherd and I didn’t really believe it until now..

  3. Theophil says:

    I had pleasure to read it and remember me the Boxer from my neighbors, a smart but strange dog by the way!

  4. donna says:

    I can see my old companion in Malcolm. He too was a boxer/ german shephard cross. Looks exactly like him. He was my best friend and I miss him.

  5. Taylor says:

    Beautiful dog! I have a shepherd akita mix, he looks a lot like your dog! I got him from the pond when he was only 7 lb, now he is about 100 lb.Thanks for posting his photo! <3

  6. […] AW: Was steckt da alles drin? Die sieht meinem ersten Hund Babur total aehnlich finde ich <3. Nur Babur's Nase ist ein bisschen laenger, aber er hatte genau dieselbe Koeperform und denselben Schwanz (hat ihn nie nach oben getragen, allerhoechstens waagrecht) Der war aus einem ostdeutschen Tierheim (Schoenebeck an der Elbe), wir wissen also auch nicht genau, was da gemischt war. Es wurde aber auch meistens Boxer/Schaeferhund vermutet – allerdings sahen die Bilder im Internet ihm nicht wirklich aehnlich. Ansonsten hoerten wir noch oefter Bullmastiff, Leonberger, gelegentlich Mali und Rotti. Diesen Hund habe ich gefunden, der koennte ein Bruder meines Babur sein. Dessen Besitzer denken Boxer/Schaeferhund/Akita. Malcolm the Boxer German Shepherd Dog Akita Mix | Mix Breed Dog Photos – All Mutt […]

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