Husky Pit Bull Mix – Alaskan Husky Pit Bull Terrier

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Husky Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Husky Pit Bull Mix: The owner of this Alaskan Husky American Pit Bull Terrier mix must get a lot of questions and compliments. I expect a lot of people would guess it to be a German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever mix with it’s striking and solid looking face.

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  1. Clarence Weinberg says:

    Outstanding dog for sure. We’ve been searching for information about this mix.

  2. crystal says:

    Looks like my pnut beautiful dog mix!!!

  3. Diana says:

    Looks like my roomates dog Blue her eyes are the Husky blue

  4. Ashley says:

    I have a husky pit mix…shes the best dog ive ever owned! great with everyone!!! kids, adults, other animals, everyone.

  5. Tricia says:

    Looks exactly like my dog. I’ve read lots of bad things about the mix, but my dog is a sweetie! He is very much mine. He is friendly to my husband and son though. If I go to the bathroom he comes with me. He lays on the bathroom floor while I shower. He lays on the kitchen floor while I cook. He can do tricks like sit and shake. He fetches. He’ll stay for a treat. He has never used the bathroom in the house(no training needed). He only goes to the bathroom in one area of his dog pen. He kisses on command. He sleeps curled up behind my legs. He is a lover. The only problem is the last four days he has escaped and we live in town. We are building a house in the country and expect to be there in the next few months. We both work so during the day he has to go in the dog pen (a large pen at least 20×20). We did leave him in the house at first, but he has eaten the couch and chewed all the tile off the bathroom floor. He did very well in the pen for a while. Of course he comes in as soon as we get home. We also take him to the house we are building regularly to run and swim in the pond (he loves water!!!) Well four days ago he got out. He has escaped everyday but Sunday since because I was home all day but he whined at every door to go out even after I took him out several times to play. We figured out he was squeezing out of the gate by pushing it back and squeezing through. My husband put rebarb all around the gate and concrete blocks. The pen is 6 foot and has fence buried all around the edges. He dug out the buried fence (had to take him a long time). He has toys and a baby pool to keep him occupied. So I had to go to parent day at my son’s college and my husband had to work: we left him in the house because we were scared he would get out again. When we came home he was out. He chewed up a window (yes a window) to get out. He came home when he heard us calling him. Has anyone else had these issues. What did you do? We only have a few more months in town until our new house is done. I just don’t want him to get hurt. He is such a good and sweet dog!

  6. Gina says:

    We, too, have a Husky/Pit Mix. And he is just as you described above, in terms of how affectionate and sweet he is! And he is also my shadow.

    How old is your dog? I must say, we had issues in the first 6 months or so of our rescue digging under the fence to get out of our very big yard (digging is a Husky trademark!). He’d always come back, but it was frustrating and scared me (I didn’t want him to get hit by a car or taken — he’s pretty darn cute!). We even put heavy bricks (we were told it discourages dogs from digging) under that side of the fence but he dug them out, too! The only thing I can say is to be patient. Our dog (who was about 1-1/2 years old at the time) outgrew the need to dig or get out of the yard. He also dug holes everywhere (our brand new sod looked like Swiss Cheese!). Things seemed to take a turn for the better when we didn’t leave him as much. I attributed his behavior to having separation anxiety (being a rescue, he was used to being bounced around from place to place). So would try to take him for a ride in the car at least every other day (his favorite thing…even short trips) so I think it relieved his anxiety.

    Your dog is very attached to you. If I were you I would do what they do with children who cry when their mothers leave the room. Go outside for a brief time, then come back in…even if it’s just a minute later. If they don’t feel like you’re leaving for a lengthy time EVERY time you leave the house it may help. Don’t take him on “epic” trips to the country unless you do it regularly. That’s kind of a tease for him if he’s normally in the house or a pen all day. Sometimes all it takes are short trips in the car (to the gas station, to the bank, wherever) — he just loves being around you. Period. I would also try leaving the TV on (Animal Planet, perhaps?) or soft music while you’re away. And make sure he always has chew toys (not just play toys) at his disposal!

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