Husky PitBull Mix – Picture and Description

Husky PitBull Mix picture

Alaskan Husky American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Susan: Bella is an Alaskan Husky American Pit Bull Terrier mix or a Husky PitBull mix. She is very intelligent and loving but shy at same time. She is very loyal and won’t leave your side. She has the beautiful blue eyes of the husky but loyalness of the pitbull breed. She loves to play and has lots of energy but at end of night curls up into your arms and falls asleep.

Bella is 8 weeks old and the most beautiful and loving puppy I have ever owned I highly suggest this breed for highly active people not a good dog for a apartment needs lots of room to run and play. They need lots of exercise as they get very bored and will start to misbehave. Lots of exercise is recommended and they have a issue with chewing so lots of puppy toys.

Some more information on Husky Pitbull mix personality.

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  1. ali says:

    where did you get her from? im looking for this exact kind but am not sure where to look

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