Husky Shepherd Mix named Kujo

Husky Shepherd Mix

Husky Shepherd Mix

From Jeannette: Kujo is a loving dog, a Husky Shepherd mix. He loves people, he’s there for you when your sad or hurt or crying giving lots of kisses and nips on the ears. He is always excited and happy to see his owners yelping as if he was saying “I miss you”.

He loves to run and play. He does not wine or cry. He has a high tolerance for pain when playing with other puppies. Loves to sleep on blankets pillows. He sleeps all night on a soft pillow on the floor next to the bed in mine and my husbands room and gets let out to potty at 5am by my husband. Shortly after my husband leaves for work he climbs into bed an sleeps next to me almost as if to protect me while he’s gone.

He’s still young right now (4 months) and he is learning to be protective, he barks when he hears strange noises in the house. Hes got a big personality we love him!!!

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