Husky Chow German Shepherd Mastiff

Husky Chow Mix German Shepherd Dog Mastiff Mix Picture Photo

Chow Chow Alaskan Husky German Shepherd Dog Mastiff Mix

From Judy: Lizzie is part Husky Chow Mix, part German Shepherd Dog , part Mastiff. She is 100% cute as darn button. She is very, very sweet, with a very good temperament and really, no bad traits. Just puppy stuff.

She is my first dog so I don’t really know whether and which characteristics of her breeds she is showing. Her favorite food is my Crocs, but I give her alternatives so they are still in one piece. She just discovered swimming and likes it very much. I am trying to teach her that fetch and keep away are two entirely different games 🙂

Chow Chow, part Alaskan Husky, part German Shepherd Dog

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  1. its always happy to train a dog.i have doberman he shows funny things every and i am to see it.

  2. Technika says:

    I really like your dog. Thanks for sharing this beautiful German Shepherd mix.

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