Trixie Girl the Boxer Alaskan Husky Terrier Mix

Boxer Alaskan Husky Terrier Mix picture

Boxer Alaskan Husky Terrier Mix

From Melissa: Trixie is a 12 week old female born to a pure breed breed Siberian Husky Dad & Boxer Terrier Mix Mom. She has the one Husky ear & one Boxer/Terrier ear. She has some black nails & some white nails.

She is FULL of personality. She fits perfect in our family♡. She loves to cuddle & is awesome with kids. We have a 9 year old girl, Hope & her friends love her too. Trixie is so funny, always doing something to make us laugh. Her fur looks like she may get some grayish spots & she has the best puppy dog eyes in the world…they just make your heart melt.

Our dog Jimmy passed away at 13 years old & we was scared to get another dog. But I am so glad we did. Nobody could EVER take Jimmy Boys place, but Trixie definitely does have a place in our hearts & our family. The Veterinarian said she will probably grow to be 50-60 pounds…We’ll see!

Trixie Girl was born August 9, 2013.  She has a pure breed Siberian Husky Dad & a Boxer Terrior Mix Mom. She is definitely unique! Thanks for letting us share our mutt! We had a Shar-Pei & Bull Terrier Mix who loved to be 13 years old, Jimmy Boy. We love mutts! They both had SO much personality & were great dogs. They were not pets, they are family!

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