Diesel “Tusk” Harding The Boxer American Bulldog Mix

American Bulldog Boxer Mix

Boxer American Bulldog Mix

From Rhea: Tusky is a 6 yr old gentle giant who loves kids, cats, other dogs and all sorts of people!  He is a Boxer American Bulldog mix. He enjoys early morning jogs, hiking trails and sleeping A LOT. I think we lucked out on the world’s most laid back, chill pup. We can take him anywhere with us and he stays well-behaved no matter what environment he is in!

We found him through Ace of Hearts rescue in Beverly Hills. It’s funny but he was not the dog we were looking for, we originally had an appointment for another dog, who did not show up. It was fate! We almost left to go to another appointment when the coordinator showed us Tusky – who was large and imposing. We took him for a walk with one of the volunteers and the rest is history. We fell in love!

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  1. AAron says:

    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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