Mazie an American Bulldog Great Pyrenees Mix

American Bulldog Great Pyrenees Mix Picture

American Bulldog Great Pyrenees Mix

From Nicholas: We believe Mazie is an American Bulldog Great Pyrenees mix. Mazie is a ball of joy she loves to play at the park with other dogs, she’s great with kids and other people. Although she is jumpy sometimes we are working on that. She is 9 months old and 55 lbs.

She does the craziest things with her ears so many different positions. We rescued her January 14 not sure on exact breeds as they only had the mother who was American bulldog I think they guessed in the father.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I have a puppy and the face is so similar! The place we got her from said she was pyrenees but the ears are starting to stick up. We can’t tell what the other breed is but she looks like this dog

  2. Sara says:

    Our dog is from the humane society and looks nearly identical! Our dog (Dottie) has a different type of floppy ears but everything else is almost the same. Is she all white? Dottie has black and cream furs mixed in on her back. We’ve been thinking Dottie is Lab x German Shepherd x American bulldog but I’ve been looking at some mixes recently and especially with this picture I think she has Great Pyrenees instead of german shepherd

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