Olde English Bulldogge

Olde English Bulldogge Picture

Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge is a new breed developed by David Leavitt through the crossing English Bulldog,  American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, and American Bulldog. In 1971 Leavitt became disenchanted with English Bulldogs due to problems with breathing and breeding. He became aware that they didn’t resemble their ancestors. They were less extreme and healthier. David’s goal was to produce a dog with 18th century Bulldog looks , with modern English Bulldog’s temperament, without the other aliments of current English Bulldogs.  Life span is over eleven years.

10 Responses to “Olde English Bulldogge”

  1. Grace says:

    OMG, does that sound & look like a tough puppy?!?

  2. jim winters says:

    does anyone know whos bulldogge that is? i want an offspring

    • David says:

      The one pictured is I believe a dog called Smokestack lightning owned by Anderson bulldogges, I however have some of the same bloodline and produce pups that look like Smokestack. If you are interested in trying to get a pup from me please contact me at snakebstr43@aol.com. I have pups Now April 25, 2012. thanks

  3. SAO says:

    He is from Anderson Bulldogges in Auburn, AL.

  4. Go to Sherman’s Kennels, those dogs are amazing!

  5. regi says:

    In Miami Florida a Guy just bred a presa Canerio to an older English bulldogge

  6. The dog pictured above is my dog and he was produced and is owned by me at AndersonBulldogges.com. I am just now seeing this post…I don’t mind if you use his picture as long as you put that he is owned by Anderson Bulldogges

  7. I would like for this picture of my dog to be removed from this site please. I have had a lot of people stealing it from this page and posting it on message boards for open discussions. Please remove the photo asap. Thanks for your attention!

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