Radar the American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

American Bulldog Pit Bull Mix  Picture

American Bulldog Pit Bull Mix

From Marisa: One look at Radar’s ears explains how he got his name! We adopted him from our local shelter where he was described as a “Dutch Shepard”. He was about a year old when we got him, so there was no background info on him. After endless hours of image searches, we think he’s a Pit Bull mix of some type! His lips are a bit floppy so we weren’t sure if there was even some Dane in there? Radar’s coat is short, soft and brindle-he’s so handsome!
He is super athletic and I want to enter him into agility and dock diving activities-once we work on some more discipline issues! He gets very upset when we leave him, but gets doggie ADD when outside, so we cannot trust him off lead. He once jumped up and out of a 6 foot basement window because my fiancée was throwing in wood for the fireplace! He wanted to help I guess! He is super cuddly and is very vocal with grunts, huffs and whines. He gets insulted when you point at him and will bark to let you know it! He has never shown aggression to us and will bark to alert us to uncommon noises outside the home. He is the best dog I’ve ever had and if I knew what he was for sure, I would only own that mix! <3

Thanks for creating a website for loveable Mutts!

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  1. Joseph Marrero says:

    Hi that is so awesome I think we may have the same breed of dog. Me and my girlfriend have been raising a puppy an she is almost a year now and she looks and acts the same ways you have described. She’s a big mush and obedient indoors but outside she goes wild! We always figured she was part American pit bull but we could not figure out the other breeds but she is definitely a mutt. She is a guard dog and very protective and loves us very much and she had a great personality and we just love her so much she is our child lol

  2. Joseph Marrero says:

    Did you ever find out what breed he is?

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