Rodger the American Bulldog English Setter Mix

American Bulldog English Setter Mix picture

American Bulldog English Setter Mix

From Jeff: Rodger is an American Bulldog English Setter mix. We adopted Roger 5 months ago, when he was about 10 months old. We would have loved to see him as a little puppy! But currently, he’s a big 70lb. boy who has a LOT of energy! At this point, he’s done growing, we hope! He needs his daily hike where he can smell every tree and person he sees. He’s adorable, with black spots everywhere and cute little ears. His fur is soft and medium length. He’s very obedient, but likes to cause trouble and he is clingy.

One thing which has amazed us is how easily he learns! He learns a routine after doing it once or twice, and he learns commands, verbal or non-verbal. Most amazing is how he communicates; sometimes, it seems like he’s about to talk. He makes sounds, almost a cross between a whiny howl and a desperate plea when he wants to go out, or his water bowl is dry, or he is bored and wants to play or cuddle. He’s really a good boy! (Usually!)

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