Bindi an American Cocker Spaniel Pug Mix

American Cocker Spaniel Pug Mix Picture Photo

American Cocker Spaniel Pug Mix

From Krysha: Bindi is a Pug American Cocker Spaniel mix. She is incredibly intelligent and a fast learner. She has a shorter snout like a pug and the domed head of a cocker. Her ears are between the length of a American Cocker Spaniel and a Pug she has a curly tail like a pug but she wags it just like a spaniel……if she had a tail. She is short between the sizes of a Pug and Cocker and weighs 19.5 pounds.

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  1. Sam win says:

    I would love to have another dog like this one!

    Wanted Boston Terrier- Chinese Pug Terrier MIX: My Best friend Max past away Feb, 29th, 2012 while waiting for surgery. He had an AKORN stuck in his stomach. I am hurting over his loss so I thought I would try and find another type like him. I might be open to a Female as well. I loved him very much and I had him in and out of the local Vet trying get him the care he needed ASAP. I ended up changing Vets as well but it was just not fast enough. I feel so much pain over losing him!

    He was like family! Max came from East TX somewhere and was surrendered to the DFW Pug Rescue. He was a very laid back dog! He loved to Bark at Big trucks like UPS and TRASH trucks. He had a pretty high voice for a male dog. He slept at the foot of my bed. He replaced another older dog who was wonderful but she was just end of life. The pets have been the best companions since the my wife passed away from Cancer one Horrible Xmas day. See pictures below and please let me know should anyone find another type like him. I live in Richardson close to Campbell and 75.

    Thanks pet people! http://facebook.com/stevewynn123

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