Momo the German Spitz Siberian Husky Mix

German Spitz Siberian Husky Mix Picture Photo

German Spitz Siberian Husky Mix

From Shyanha: DNA test showed 50/25/25 German Spitz / Siberian Husky / Cocker Spaniel. He’s hyper, 37 lbs at 15 months and a Very quick study who’s highly trainable. He’s protective of us when someone seems ‘off’ but otherwise is very friendly with humans and dogs alike. He’s not the strongest swimmer, but does enjoy water and is a digger. He’s highly agile for being so clumsy (he’ll take a tumble often because he gets to going too fast, but can weave between dining room chairs at high speed). His coat is thick at the mantle and thins towards the rest of his body. He sheds his undercoat at about a medium rate. He’s got a definite separation anxiety issue.

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