Lab Hound Mix – A former stray

Lab Hound Mix

Lab Hound Mix

Lab Hound Mix

From Ashley: Tanner is a Lab Hound Mix. He greatly resembles our tan Labrador Retriever when she was younger. His eyes are dark brown, to match his coat. He has a slight white marking on his chest. He was a stray that we took in, so I’m not sure of his age or anything about when he was a puppy. But his tail has a slight curve, with slight traces of black fur in it.

He can snap a fly out of the air, he is very protective of me, after only just meeting me two days ago. He is very sweet and not aggressive in any way. Not sure what he is, but this dog is beautiful and we are so lucky to have him.

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  1. MarkusMarkus says:

    We have a Lab Chow mix who also was a stray (we had a DNA test done). She was taken out of Animal Control by a rescue group while she was pregnant. She gave birth to 9 puppies 10 days later. We adopted her around the same time the last her 9 pups was placed in a home. She’s shaped like your Ashley, but smaller hanging ears, and her coat looks like that of a German Shepherd. She does have a purple tongue.

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