Achilles River Fox – Basenji American Pit Bull Mix

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Basenji American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Amber:  When I adopted Achilles I was told he was a hound/pit bull mix- but I have my doubts. I honestly can’t say for sure what his breeds are Achilles has huge ears that point up when he is alert, but they can also flop down or lay back flat. He prances like a deer, can jump over 5 feet tall no problem, and is extremely agile. He acts very undomesticated at times and has totally destroyed my house. He loves to chew and dig. He makes huffy puffy noises before he growls, he rarely barks but when he does it is more of howl or bellowing noise. He makes odd noises and rolls around when he smells a strong scent- it can be my perfume, dinner cooking in the kitchen, after his bath, or from the smell of household cleaners.

He is friendly towards all people and loves kids. He often get frightened by other dogs or new things he encounters. He was born July 29, 2010 and as he ages he has grown black fur in with his reddish brown fur. He has the furriest underside I have ever seen on a dog and has a ridge of hair that runs down the back of each leg. His fur is very fine and feels like silk. He has very expressive eyes and wrinkles on the top of his head. When he is excited he runs through my house at top speeds, hopping from chair to chair and from table to table. He will eat almost anything and loves fruits and vegetables. So far I have been challenged with training him and he took 3 months to potty train once I brought him home. I read about Basenjis and he has similar characteristics and behaviors. He is extremely strong and muscular, and weighs in at 57 pounds at 9 months of age.

I often question whether or not he is even domesticated because of his wild behavior and because he doesn’t seem to be able to understand that what he does outside is not acceptable inside.

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  1. KATLIN says:

    I personally was the same way with my dog, that by the way looks just like yours but black and white. we were told she was a pit bull but she is a little so short and looks like she is ment to be tall. she is two and has been the same size for a year! i believe i have finally figured out what she is well i hope!

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