American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix

American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix

American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix

American Pit Bull Terrier and German Shepherd dogs can be intimidating but this mix Pit Shepherd mix looks like a lot of fun and easily approachable. Now if he could only grow into those ears.

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  1. Tabytha Clark says:

    I would love to know where this dog came from! He/she is an exact twin of my German/pitt mix Scooby. I think they could really be siblings. If you can PLEASE send me an email with more information on this dog. My email address is tclark_94@yahoo.com. Thanks!

    • gdog says:

      Spitting image of my dog as well. Mine is 8 months and from Atlanta Human Society. No chance they are related is there?

  2. michelle says:

    would love to have him to go with my shepherd/pit mix female. If he is free or you would like to breed him give me a shout please…thanks so much Michelle

  3. Deedra says:

    wow he looks just like my Dog KD. she is a pit shep mix also and they look exactly alike.. She is pregnant at the moment. they make AMAZING dogs.. specaily for my kids… she babysits them on the lawn if they get out of range or to far away she freaks out barking till them come back or i come out and tell them to get back in teh yard . xoxo love this pic

  4. Denise says:

    I have one exactly,I mean exactly like urs,her name is Phoebe Lou she was born first couple of days July 2010. We live in louisiana. Thanks for posting its an exact twin.

  5. Colette says:

    This looks almost exactly like my dog Memphis. She’s 8 months old and we have no idea what her mix is. She was a rescue from a bad situation and she is a great dog! We suspected pit/shepherd mix but after lookin at this dog, I’m almost certain!

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