Blue Byrd – American Pit Bull Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix

American Pit Bull Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix Picture

American Pit Bull Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix

From Amber: Blue Byrd is American Pit Bull Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix.  Blue loved to herd humans as a puppy and was very naughty. He constantly chewed on anything he could find and would nip at anyone’s ankles and refused to be told what to do. As he matured he became very suspicious of strangers, especially men and boys. He is very protective of me and my house and loves to patrol in the backyard. He is extremely affectionate to members of his human family. Loud noises and new situations make him very nervous. He is great with other dogs but loves to chase squirrels. Blue is almost two years old and has been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and also has and ACL injury to his rear left knee. He weighs in at nearly 85 pounds and is all muscle. He loves to sit outside, sleep in the sun, play in water, go for slow walks, ride in the car, and learn new tricks. He has awesome vision and responds to both visual and verbal commands. As an young adult he is very well mannered and still remains uncrated inside the house since his adoption at 8 weeks. Blue’s father was a wild-acting Cattle dog and his mother was a calm, Blue Pit. He was the only puppy from the litter with this coloration.

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  1. Veronica says:

    I just this past weekend “rescued” a puppy from my neighbor, they put it oustide in the heat, no water, no food, had a huge pot belly. They told me it was 8 weeks old, the vet says 6 maybe 7, ate up with hook worms and round worms, weighs 2.6 pounds. Doing much better now, but he is aggressive. I am taking from your blog that this is common in these types of dogs? He is blue heeler and bulldog mix as well. He is playful, but when he doesn’t get his way, he will turn on you and bite…he also charges at my hand when I put it in his area or move his pads around, he LOOKS like he thinks he is playing, but his bites are NOT playful, lol. He looks like a possum, has a black undercoat and the top is all white, his feet are brown and black, he has the slanted face..short front legs and longer back legs and the downward curling tail. Any incite to this breed would be appreciated. I just couldn’t stand to see him mistreated…and now $300 later for the emergency vet bill, Max is mine..I suppose, lol. Thanks Veronica Bragg

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