Black Lab Pit Bull Mix with Picture

Lab Pit Bull Mix

Lab Pit Bull Mix

Pit Bull Lab Mix

Kona “KaiKai” is a Lab Pit Bull Mix rescue. I adopted her in California when she was 16 weeks old and brought her here to Hawaii a few years ago. She’s now almost 6 years old. She is brilliant, the smartest dog I’ve ever had. She’s an awesome communicator and faithful companion to my autistic adult son. She loves going to the beach and going for car rides. She’s 81 lbs, stocky, fold over ears, small white patch on chest and neck. This girl is very protective, and food motivated.

She looks very much like a lab, but has an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) body. KaiKai loves to retrieve and has a high prey instinct. She doesn’t like to be held down tightly or smothered, she is very alpha and prefers to lead the pack. Because she is so smart, she coerces other dogs to do things for her, take food off the counters or bring her toys. She learns quickly and is very manipulative by being so darn cute! Her father was a purebred black Labrador and her mother a blue nose APBT. She’s the love of our lives…a very special girl.

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