Duke – American Pit Bull Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix

American Pit Bull Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix Picture

American Pit Bull Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix

From Michelle: I adopted Duke from a pound and had no idea what kind of dog he was until I talked to his vet. His pointed ears and spotted coat definitely point to Australian Cattle Dog. In addition, Duke will sometimes nip at your heels in an attempt to “herd” you. The front of his body is very muscular and larger than the back much like a American Pit Bull Terrier’s. His muzzle is also shaped alot like a Pit Bull’s. He is a smart dog but also very goofy. He chases laser pointers and loves to be chased by other dogs at the dog park. He rarely barks, but when he does, it is high-pitched which may be because he is only a year old. Best of all, Duke is an extremely loving dog. He greets everyone with a happy face and a lick.

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  1. Chris says:


    Duke looks just like my dog Patton, except Patton’s colors are different! I’d love to share a picture with you!

  2. Duane says:

    I have, what I suspect to be, a ACD/Pit mix as well. Same speckled black and white coat, but no big patches. Her ears are flopped and are the blue hue you see in blue pit bulls. Would like to see a picture of your dog standing, if at all possible. I can send you a few pics of my Gypsy, too.

    Beautiful boy ya got there!


  3. trac says:

    so I just got bit by one of these dogs yesterday at a friends house. now the reason i am saying this is because this dog had no provocation whatsoever to bite me. I had visited this home earlier in the week and the dog greeted me like any fun loving dog, but after a few minutes of the homeowner showing her house the dog starting glaring at me for no reason. then she started to growel at me the owner did as most owners do she put her hand on her neck took her to the growned and said stop it. that would calm her for a moment then it would start up again. yesterday i went over to help with some xmas stuff and the dog starting doing it again, even after greeting me with friendly behavior like before. this time while i was talking to a mutual friend in the kitchen the owner was in another room the dog without my knowledge came up behind him starting glaring at me while we were talking and then bit me twice on the back of my calf. what is wrong with this dog. she was adopted from the pound about 15 months ago they swear nothing like this has ever happened before. i have owned many dogs and have never been bitten by a dog before but this dog was glaring at me and would not stop even when put in her crate. i feel for them they have a baby on the way.

  4. johnny says:

    I’d be more apt to think a staffordshire bull terrier blue heeler mix. I haven’t seen a pit heeler mix that looks like this. He’s still a good looking dog.

  5. GInger says:

    My dog Bentley is a dog that had been dropped off at a friends house, I took her in. After research and the vet I was sure she was the same as your Duke. Duke is a clone in every way to my Bentey. I would be interested in breeding, not to make money, many of my friends say if I ever make more of her they want one. My name is Ginger my number is 763-742-7959,hope to hear from you.

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