Echo the Border Collie American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Border Collie American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Picture Photo

Border Collie American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Brady: This is Echo. She’s about 4 months. We just picked her up at the SPCA a week ago. They guess she is a American Pit Bull Terrier / Border Collie mix. There is another pup on this website a mix of these two breeds and their body shape and ears are so much alike. Echo is a pretty calm for a pup. Calmer than we thought a border collie mix could be. After a week her personality is starting to come out. She is quite playful and likes to wrestle. But she can just chill out other times. She likes some affection, but not too much cuddling. She likes to come lie down at our feed….actually one our feet! She is very good on the walk. Doesn’t pull, or lunge at other dogs, cats or people. Very sweet dog. It will be interesting to see her develop.

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  1. Val says:

    Your dog bears a striking resemblance to our dog who is now 7. Since ours was abandoned as a newborn puppy, we never knew her background. We sent her DNA swab away and it came back as part bull terrier/siberian husky/dalmation and something else that I can’t recall at the moment. Sorry.

    Anyway, she is the sweetest dog we have ever owned. She is smart, affectionate, athletic and agile (leaps and jumps gracefully), and happy. She loves to snuggle and be petted. She likes people and I think she believes that anyone who comes to the door is there to visit her.

    She enjoys time in the yard, especially if there is snow. When outside, she often sits very still and stares at her surroundings. She will also carefully stalk her prey.

    Mutts are great!

  2. brady says:

    Hi Val, Thanks for your message. Interesting to hear that your dog has that many breeds after you sent away for the DNA test. People like to classify mix breeds as something X something….but it is probably a lot more complicated than that…like in your dog’s case.

    Nice to hear about your pup. Sounds like a great companion. Our Echo is now 10 months. She has grown into a long legged lanky girl…still a big puppy though. Still playful, but a little more naughty at times and more affectionate at times. Our latest guess is that she might be border collie / boxer as she hasn’t muscled up much like a pit bull would. But she is probably really a Heinze 57 with a number of breeds.

    If you come back and see my reply, can you let me know where you did the DNA test? That sounds interesting.


    • AllMutt says: has a sweepstakes dog DNA kit giveaway this month (June 2012). The kit checks for over 150 breeds and is done with a simple swipe inside your dog’s mouth (yes, it is slobber based).

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