Jude – Rhodesian Ridgeback American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Carol: Jude is a Rhodesian Ridgeback American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is an incredibly handsome and gentle Pit that I adopted from Animal Control in Philadelphia 12/21/10.   He is smart and well behaved. He is drawn to children over adults. Did I mention handsome?

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  1. Ryenn says:

    what a handsome fella i got a pup a couple months ago that was marked shepherd/terrier (pit bull) at the humane society her DNA test came back chow chow/rhodesian ridgeback dominant with just a tiny sliver away from being american staffordshire terrier dominant with some pug, giant schnauzer, corgi, and one other dog in her that i dont remember ill have to look at it again im going to wait to post her untill we can tell a little more what she is most dominant to look like at the moment it seems rhodesian ridgeback/american staffordshire with pug hair and a chow chow tail lol shes my mutty mutty baby 🙂

  2. fatboy1271 says:

    We just got Geno from a shelter in LA. He was listed as a Rhodesian/American Stafford mix. He looks a lot like Jude 🙂 We’ve had him for a week and a half and already he is the greatest dog I’ve ever had the privilege to share my life with!!!

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