Lucy – American Staffordshire Terrier Labrador Retriever Mix

From Amanda:  We found Lucy as a stray. Skinny, dirty and unhealthy. Took her in, bathed her, fed her and took her to the vet. He guessed she is about 5 months and is some combo of American Pit Bull Terrier, Boxer, Labrador Retriever and American Staffordshire Terrier. She seems to not want to learn new tricks sometimes, but so very loving and mostly well behaved. Shes the apple of my eye. I want to breed her, and trying to figure out the best mix for her. She is amazing and I know she will be loyal and protective of our family and household.

5 Responses to “Lucy – American Staffordshire Terrier Labrador Retriever Mix”

  1. Hunter says:

    Do you have a picture from a grown up stafford x collie x labrador?

    Kind regards,

    Errol Hunter

  2. Amanda says:

    Update about Lucy. She is growing bigger and smarter. She listens alot better and is becoming very obedient and loyal to her owners. Weighs 55 lbs now and just went thru her first “heat”. Glad thats over!

  3. charlie says:

    hi, any new pictures from lucy?

  4. Deanne says:

    She looks almost exact to my Lab Mix puppy Samson!!!

  5. charlie says:

    I was wondering if you could post some pictures of lucy now?
    thanks. charlie

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