Petley the American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Bruce: Petey Is my 6 month year old dog. I found him in a parking lot while visiting my friends. He had a bad skin rash but was so cute I had to take him. The first few weeks were rough he was very slow and sickly but still would gather enough energy to crawl up on the couch. Now he is a healthy dog and can’t be slowed down. I don’t know for sure what mix of breeds he is besides Pitt but i would love anyone’s opinion.

Any idea what Breeds my mutt is?

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  1. AllMutt says:

    I definitely see a lot of Pit Bull in your dog. It could be part English Pointer as they have color around the head and primarily white for the body. Look around the American Pit Bull category in the lower right of this page and you may get some more ideas.

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