Rottweiler American Pitbull Terrier German Shepherd Mix

Rottweiler American Pitbull Terrier German Shepherd

Rottweiler American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd

Ares is a sweet loveable relaxed dog. As far as we could peg it he is a Rottweiler, American Pit Bull, German Shepherd dog mix. His father was full blooded Rottie, and his mother was a mutt. It made for a super sweet, loveable dog, with good temperament and great learning capability. He is incredibly smart, and has soulful eyes you can just fall into.

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  1. Chase Hamilton says:

    I have a dog that looks almost identical. Not sure what color your dogs paws are or his size. but mine has white paws and is about 60 pounds. i’d be curious to know if they were similiar.

  2. Tim says:

    I have a puppy who will be 4 months on July 4th, I’m told his mother is full American Pit Bull Terrier, and his father is Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix. He’s a smart, BEAUTIFUL, loving dog so far. Hopefully I can find some one with a mix like his so I can be sure of his heritage. And really, I just love dogs and talking “dog”! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150313358407674&set=a.10150313358387674.408265.736952673&type=1

  3. […] think i may have found out exactly what she is! Rottweiler American Pitbull Terrier German Shepherd Mix | Mix Breed Dog Photos – All Mutt Read the description of what this dog is and look back at her picture! __________________ […]

  4. Sara says:

    My dog looks exactly like this! It’s so crazy how identical they are! My pup is 6 months old and I rescued her. I’ve been curious to know what mix she is and even considered a DNA test… Now I know! 🙂 I would love to see an updated picture of him now?

  5. JON M ANDREW says:

    I just lost one after 12 years raised from a puppy. He had a stroke and just passed on.

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