Pitbull Catahoula Mix – Rusty – Picture and Description

pitbull catahoula mix - Catahoula Leopard Dog American Pit Bull Terrier Mix  picture

Pitbull Catahoula Mix

From Mark:  Rusty was described by the shelter as a “Red Merle Cattle Dog Mix”. We see little Australian Cattle Dog resemblance. He is eight to nine months old and 40 pounds. He is very lean and has terrier ears. He is very active but not frenetic. He loves the water. You see American Pit Bull Terrier when you look him square in the face, but his profiles and body shape don’t seem typical for Pit Bull.

He is an amazing good influence on our Jack Russell Terrier. He wears him out. They play puppy rough but both dogs enjoy it. She is very athletic. Rusty wants human approval. Buddy the Jack Russell Terrier couldn’t care less what we think. But he cares what Rusty thinks and looks up to him. Rusty is a real sweetheart of a dog who has brought a lot of balance to our family dynamic. He absorbs a lot of the Jack Russell Terrier crazy for us.

I am interested in opinions on what you and the All Mutt audience think his mix is. He is smaller than a Catahoula Leopard Dog, less crazy than an Australian Cattle Dog, and less stocky than an American Pit Bull Terrier. Is he a Pitbull Catahoula Mix or what?

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