Taz – German Shepherd Dog American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix Picture

German Shepherd Dog American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

From Adam: Taz is a German Shepherd Dog American Pit Bull Terrier mix. Taz is a very energetic puppy. He loves to run and jump over obstacles. Taz is great as a watch dog but is very friendly with family and friends.

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  1. jamie says:

    My Pit/GSD Looks just like your dog! they could be twins! I love it! My babies name is remy and oh my she never gets tired!

  2. Rob says:

    Adam, did your dog escape? If so, we found him at the Orange Shelter and adopted him. He is doing well. Let me know,

  3. caitlin says:

    I like the German Shepherd Dog American Pit Bull Terrier mix. I have a German Shepherd and I also have a America Pit Bull mix.

  4. Janie Raju says:

    OMG I found this dog yesterday in front of my house. I haven’t been able to find it’s owner but now at least I know what he is. He fits Taz’s description to the T. I can’t keep him but I am a dog trainer and I will keep him for 4 weeks. He has NO training other than potty training and is more than a handful, he is AMAZING!!! He did not have a collar or chip. I believe he was a backyard dog as he has several outside issues. As a second line of defense to find his forever home. I am looking for a family that would like to adopt him if after 4 weeks I am unable to locate his original owners. If anyone is interested I will be accepting requests (hotbowzero AT yahoo.com). He is a fantastic dog, the first German Shepherd American Pit Bull Terrier mix I have met and I think he would make an amazing service dog, SO Smart. That will be what I gear his training towards. If a family needs a service dog to train he would have a great foundation. In 4 weeks although today is day 2 I will have his basic obedience and possibly even a Canine Good Citizen certificate for the person who adopts him. Or if local, offer free training to the new parents so he can obtain his CGC. This adoption expires 9/11.

  5. Raven says:

    Oh wow
    your dog looks exactly like mine! She is 8 months old now and I always thought she was pitbull & german shepherd but wasnt sure because everyone disagreed & said lab mix… now I have proof! They look so similar that I am convinced you stole my dog & took her picture 😛

    • keith carey says:

      What do you all think a malinos is.they crossed bulldog territor types with German Shepard and standardized it.a purebred is just a standardized mutt.so your dogs mixed here are just malinos

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