The American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix

mutt-pit-bull-gsd-mixFrom Yaya: Sasha Starfox is one of the sweetest dogs I know. She loves people, especially children, and is extremely friendly with other dogs.

I don’t think I can pin point, precisely, a different trait from the three breeds she is mixed with. Since all of those breeds are gentle loving and protective family dogs. She does have those big perky German Shepherd ears! She has a very soft coat, maybe from her Labrador Retriever side. Her tail is that of an American Pit Bull Terrier. Coming from three different big dogs, she is a nice medium size, weighing between 30-35lbs.

She loves sniffing around the backyard & digging holes. She is very active and always full of energy. She has a blast at the Bark Park, where she was seen (only once) jump in the water, but it never happened again after that. She loves playing catch, but she sure doesn’t like giving the ball back. Which ends up in her making us run after her. There’s no stopping her! She does get in to trouble here and there, and when she knows that she has done wrong… she will put herself on time out by going in to her kennel or hanging by your side for the next couple of hours, giving you the sad puppy eyes.

I am sure that we will never be lucky to own another mutt like our Sasha Starfox. So here we are, hoping to find parents of a mutt just like her!

I was lucky to be out on a photo shoot, at a city park, when we spotted a man with a big sign that said, ‘FREE PUPPIES’! He had the father there, who was a full bred American Pit Bull Terrier. The mother apparently was German Shepherd & Lab mix. She was the only puppy with a light coating. The rest of pups had those infamous German Shepherd coat colors. Although on the very tip of her tail there are a few dark hairs.

2 Responses to “The American Pit Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix”

  1. Rachelle says:

    What a unique look! She looks like she just won the lottery!

    • Yaya says:

      Wish I can meet other mutt owners with a similar dog to ours. Although we feel like we won the lottery having her in our lives. Thanks, Rachelle! 🙂

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