Australian Cattle Dog Mix with Golden Retriever

Australian Cattle Dog Mix with Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Australian Cattle Dog Mix

From Jarrod:

Porter was saved from becoming a rescue from an accidental litter,outside of Atlanta. Porter was 6 weeks when I took him home. He was pre rescue, from an accidental litter in Jonesboro, GA. Outside of Atlanta.

I took him in at six weeks, and he instantly became my best friend.
Porter is full of curiosity, and has endless amounts of energy. He is one of the most loving dogs I have been around, and am lucky to have found him. His looks and personality lean more toward “Cattle Dog”. However he took on the “Golden” color, and weighs in heavier than a Cattle Dog @ 75 pounds.

Porter is a tireless, high energy dog. He is the most loving animal I have ever known. He has a heart of gold. He is very playful, loving, loyal, and protective.

He’s very nosy. He NEVER has his head up in the air while walking, unless he smells something distant. He always has his nose to the ground.

He loves chasing rabbits and squirrels. His favorite treat is peanut butter, just like his dad!

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