Caspian the Australian Cattle Dog Shar-Pei Mix

Australian Cattle Dog Shar-Pei Mix

Australian Cattle Dog Shar-Pei Mix

From Sonja: Caspian is a calm, 4 yr old shar pei / Australian cattle dog mix rescue. He is loving, polite, good with children, other dogs, cats, and even chickens. Caspian does not bark, jump up, crotch sniff, scratch, dig, or counter surf. Not food motivated and will wait for other dog to eat first. He loves to give kisses under your chin and sit next to you but not on you. Caspian will ask for attention by laying on back and hold feet up almost like asking for a hug but does not pursue attention when you have stopped.

He has bristle like fur, stand up ears, and a long thick rat like tail that prob should have been docked as newborn so as to avoid injury. It will stay now. He is highly trainable, patient, and looks to his person for direction.

Caspian is 40lbs with a stout body shape. He has a low energy level but does love on a toy every so often pulling the stuffing out. Does not have accidents in the house even tho old dog does. Low energy but happy to walk or sit as his person wishes. Not so happy with cold weather but gladly wears coats and shoes. Caspuan let’s his person wipe his feet and brush his teeth.

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