Odin the Siberian Husky Australian Cattle Dog Collie Mix

Alaskan Husky Australian Cattle Dog Collie Mix Picture Photo

Alaskan Husky Australian Cattle Dog Collie Mix

From Natasha: Odin is a handsome mix of Siberian Husky, Australian Cattle Dog and Collie. He’s sweet and loves to snuggle (thinks he’s a lap dog), energetic and very well behaved. Very intelligent and I swear he knows exactly what I’m saying at all times.


10 Responses to “Odin the Siberian Husky Australian Cattle Dog Collie Mix”

  1. kimboley says:

    wow, what a cool looking dog.

  2. Kelsey says:

    i was w/ my friend Tasha when she posted this and i saw what she typed. i guess the names of the breeds got a lil messed up when the website was approving the post…. Odin is a Siberian Husky, Australian Cattle Dog, Collie mix. just to clarify. 😉 ….. and, yes, he is a GORGEOUS dog. love him to pieces!!!! 😀

    • Kris says:

      This made me smile. We DNA tested our dog and found out he was a Samoyed, Cattle Dog, Collie mix. He looked a lot like Odin and I have never seen another dog look anything like him. We lost him this summer so I am glad that somewhere there is another super smart boy a little like him. Did you get Odin from a rescue or a breeder? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kelsey says:

    hey, thanks for fixin it guys! 😀

  4. Shannon says:

    Omg Odin is so adorable hahaha those ears!!!!

  5. Larry says:

    is he a Siberian or Alaskan Husky

  6. kristin says:

    hello. how do you know thats wht he is mixed with?

  7. kristin says:

    please email me with info on your puppies breed. i have never seen something like him.

  8. Debbie says:

    My dogs ears and body build are exactly like yours and has all the traits you mentioned. We think she is an Australian Cattle dog and A Australian Kelpie mix. Your dog is beautiful.

  9. Poppy says:

    My mutt Fancy looks a lot like Odin except she is black and white. Same blue eyes and big ears (love the ears!). I just submitted her photo today so hopefully she will be posted soon. Sounds like they have the same personality too…..lol

  10. tester says:

    that’s one cool looking dog ya got there

  11. Mel says:

    I want him. He is so beautiful!

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