Rose the Cattle Dog Mix

Cattle Dog Mix Picture

Cattle Dog Mix

From Amee: Rose is a Cattle Dog mix. This is Rose, she super sweet. We adopted her from a foster home, who got her from a shelter after her and her 8 puppies and about 2 other dogs were turned in. She is cuddle bug, very mellow. She loves being with us and will follow me room to room, even if she’s napping she will wake up to follow. She’s amazing with my kids ages 6 and rambunctious 2. She’s short, only about 18 inches, but is built like a tank. Her body reminds me of a American Pit Bull Terrier or Bulldog. She snorts likes a Pug and snores when she sleeps. She has ears that stand straight up or out, and super expressive eyes. Did I mention she was sweet? She’s definitely a mix of multiple breeds. We can’t quite figure it out, but whatever she is she’s perfect.

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