Austin the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix Picture

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix

From : Austin is an Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler mix. He loves to play and run outside. He is hyper most of the time. He loves to be a cuddly lazy dog on cold stormy days. Austin is a wonderful, loving family dog. Once he gets to know you he loves you and attacks you with kisses.

Austin is an unfixed male dog that i found on the side of the road. He was skinny and scared and riddled with scratches and wounds. I took him into my home and nutured him back to health. He loves everyone with all his heart. He never grawls or bites anyone. He only gives hugs and kisses. He is intimitating at first cause the stereotype of unfixed male dogs is that they are mean and bite everyone but in reality they are calm loving family pets. He is my baby, he gets upset when i leave and don’t come back til later. I get jumped on wiggled at and lots of kisses when i get back home.

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