Blu the Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix?

Rat Terrier Australian Shepherd Mix

Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix

From Amer: 15lbs, petite, 1.5 years old, I have no idea what breeds this dog is. He was found as a stray and I adopted him. He is super smart and super fast. I have had him 2 weeks and have taught him: sit, stay, down, come, shake, jump through hoop, jump through arms, roll, bang and sit pretty.

He’s very food motivated. And will eat all the dogs food if I were to let him. He also guards the kids food when they are eating. He gets along with both my other 2 dogs and both of my boys, 4 & 6. He is a little scared of my husband, who travels and wasn’t here when I adopted him. He is my little shadow, sits next to me everywhere I go, is the first one to get in the car too.7

4 Responses to “Blu the Australian Shepherd Rat Terrier Mix?”

  1. Rachelle says:

    What a beauty. I love a speckled dog! Who on earth would abandon such a dog. Their loss is your gain.

  2. Danny says:

    catahoula rat terrier maybe?

  3. Amber says:

    This is my dog. I still don’t know what he is. He now loves my husband. I also taught him to growl, crawl, and walk backwards, Trying to get him to jump in my arms- he’s skeptical. He also is a great running partner. Has run up to 6 miles with me on a leash.

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