Harley the Australian Shepard Border Collie Mix

Australian Shepard Border Collie Mix Picture

Australian Shepard Border Collie Mix

From Heather: Harley is a Australian Shepard Border Collie mix. Harley is 8 months old, we got her at 2 months. She still has her soft brindle fur coat, but it has grown a lot. She has maxed out at 25-30 pounds so far. She is a very high energetic,smart,loving and protective dog. She loves everything and everyone. She is a very silly and has a hard time paying attention to one thing some times. Her training though has been fairly easy because she learns things so quickly. After her long walks, or an afternoon at the dog park she loves laying by our sides on the couch waiting to be loved on. We also just adopted another mutt “bailey” it took harley a few days to accept her, but they love playing with each other now. They are both such loving and amazing dogs.

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