Tucker the Basenji Boxer Mix

Boxer Basenji Mix Pictures

Boxer Basenji Mix

From Dan: This is Tucker.  We adopted him as a pup in 2005. The combination of a Boxer Basenji mix is known to have a wonderful personality.  After seven years with us he is still very active and comes to work with me everyday. I’d recommend the mix to anyone looking for a mid size, short haired dog. Just be willing to spend the time training when they are young and it will pay off with an intelligent loyal companion.  He is honored to represent his mutt breed on your page.


3 Responses to “Tucker the Basenji Boxer Mix”

  1. Derick Loing says:

    Thanks for posting this. Found you via google when looking for boxer mix breeds, I’ll bookmark this site for future updates. Thanks again. Have a great day!

  2. val says:

    This its my boy to a T! He looks exactly like your tucker! They could be twins. And the same great personality too! So intelligent loyal willing to please and great with animals and children, ours has a bark that will install terror in anyone wanting to step foot on our property, but he wouldn’t harm anyone lol

  3. Heriotza says:

    my dog pennie looks like tucker but skinner, younger, and without the nose blaze

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