Topaz! the Basenji Dalmatian Mix

Basenji Dalmatian Mix Photo Picture

Basenji Dalmatian Mix

From Heidi:  Topaz is an energetic Basenji Dalmatian mix breed dog, but loves to just curl up next to you and sleep too. He is attached to me and about two other people, everyone else he gets along with but doesn’t listen to as well. From the Basenji side he get his curly tail, upright ears, long legs, and catlike characteristics. He doesn’t really like the water, likes chasing bugs, and sometime just acts like a dang cat. He also makes the “singing” noise that the Basenjis make, but he can bark as well when he is alarmed. He has many “smeared” spots, and has high endurance and agility. I take him running at least three times a week and he is a GREAT running dog. He is perfect for me being a single college student and I love him to death!

2 Responses to “Topaz! the Basenji Dalmatian Mix”

  1. Bella's Mom says:

    How old is Topaz and where did you get him. I’m pretty sure my dog Bella is a Basenji Dalmatian mix

  2. gregoryjackbiffle says:

    Your site is STELLAR! I mean, I’ve never been so entertained by anything in my life! Your dogs are ideal for this. I mean, how did you manage to get so many mutts with great pictures? I’m actually pleased I found your site today. You’ve got a follower in me for certain!

  3. Penny Morris says:

    My dog max is basenji dalmation mix

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